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Chen shangze turns into "struggle! Youth" and "Xu Ziping" captures the audience's girl heart (pictur

The hot blooded sports inspirational Youth Drama "struggle, youth!" starring Peng Yuchang and Dong Li and starring Chen shangze is being broadcast simultaneously on Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV. The play tells the inspirational story of high school students in Yuqing middle school where the hero Lu Xia (Peng Yuchang) is located and Yufeng middle school led by Xu Ziping (Chen shangze) who meet because they love tennis and have dreams. After experiencing various tests, they continue to grow, feel that they are shouldering the burden of the future of Chinese tennis, and deeply understand the sports spirit.

Chen shangze plays Xu Ziping, the captain and soul of Yufeng middle school tennis team. As the captain who led Yufeng middle school to reconstitute the team, Xu Ziping kept a modest and confident smile every time he appeared, taught the team members to take every game seriously, respect every opponent, and have a 'veteran cadre' style in speech and behavior. Although there are not many competition scenes at present, Xu Ziping easily beat his opponent with smashing balls bouncing from high altitude several times. Coupled with his handsome and ultra-high reduction appearance, the audience shouted 'Xu Ziping is too handsome' and 'girl's heart is overflowing'!

Chen shangze challenged the sports theme determined Youth Drama for the first time after the popular "marriage proposal battle" in 17 years and the ancient costume TV drama "Yan Gu" in the same year. Xu Ziping played this time is a character with a strong heart and a strong 'heroism' color under the handsome appearance. Judging from the current broadcast of the plot, a series of stories behind Xu Ziping are about to unfold, which is very expected! Please continue to pay attention to the "struggle, youth!" broadcast in the youth progress theater of Hunan Satellite TV from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00.