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Chen Kai's "dangerous journey of national treasure" starts to fight against the hot blood

Recently, the film "national treasure" was officially started shooting in Lingkong mountain. Chief director Zhao Jianping, director Wu Song, film screenwriter Wang Jianhe, Lu Haihua (as Wang Zhenshan), Liu Fangyu (as Zhao Chenying), Chen Kai (as Fang Yutian) and other main creators and actors attended the opening ceremony. Joint production units: Publicity Department of Qinyuan county Party committee of the Communist Party of China, Shanxi writer film and television art production Co., Ltd. and Beijing zhongtaihong film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Actor Chen Kai appeared on the set in a military uniform. In order to play Fang Yutian who fought bravely against the enemy, he cut his hair short and kept a strong and simple inch of head, which was more capable and heroic. Coupled with the Anti Japanese War uniform, it is quite warm-blooded. After the opening ceremony, the crew immediately devoted themselves to the intense shooting. Chen Kai discussed the character characteristics and related plot with the director and the same group of actors from time to time. Before shooting, he had a very detailed study of the script content and character, and had a deep understanding of the role.

The dangerous journey of national treasure tells that during the war of aggression against China in 1942, the Japanese army spied on the gold collection of the national treasure scriptures in Zhaocheng for a long time and wanted to plunder them back to Japan. The leader of Guangsheng temple, who collected the Scriptures, found the intention of the Japanese Army and urgently contacted the Anti Japanese government of Zhaocheng of the Communist Party of China. The superior decided to send an elite special service company to rush the national treasure to ensure the safety of the national treasure scriptures. In the process of rushing the Scriptures, The Communist forces, together with the local guerrillas and the common people, fought with the Japanese army for wisdom and courage. In order to protect the Scriptures, the officers and men of the spy company bravely blocked them. Finally, with the cooperation of the local guerrillas and the common people, the Scriptures were well preserved. The Zhaocheng scriptures collection is now stored in the National Library, together with the Dunhuang relics, the Yongle grand ceremony and the Si Ku Quan Shu It is also known as the treasure of the National Library. Fang Yutian, played by Chen Kai, is a platoon leader of the spy company. He is both wise and brave. He follows company commander Wang Zhenshan all the way to protect the safety of scriptures. Finally, in order to cover the transport troops, they bravely blocked the Japanese army, and finally died bravely, which won valuable time for the transfer of scriptures.

It is reported that the "national treasure adventure" is currently being shot in the early stage. The film will be shot in mid August. It is expected to be broadcast on CCTV6, cinema line and online media during the national day.