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"Struggle, youth!" continues to be popular. Liu Yongxi turns into "sister Yuqing station" and pursue

Directed by Zhao Xiaoou and Zhao Xiaoxi, and starring Peng Yuchang, Dong Li, song Yiren and Liu Yongxi, the hot-blooded sports inspirational Youth Drama "struggle, youth!" is continuously popular on Hunan Satellite TV's "youth in progress". The play focuses on tennis and tells the youth story of a generation of young people chasing their dreams and struggling to move forward around tennis competition.

Liu Yongxi plays Xiao Sha in struggle, youth. He is a lively, logical, lovely and intellectual sports reporter. In the content broadcast last week, Liu Yongxi played Xiao Sha's Avatar 'sister of the first stop of youth education', recording the youthful waving of rackets by energetic teenagers on the tennis court, showing their respective talents, witnessing the growth process of teenagers struggling to move forward and experiencing their passionate youth chasing their dreams.

Liu Yongxi, from the aggressive thousand finger adult in the movie "flash girl" to Xin Xiaoju, the best friend of the year in "knot in love & middot; the first love of a thousand year old adult", can interpret and interpret different styles of characters every time. This time, she appeared as a reporter of "the first stop sister of Yuqing", which let us see her energetic, playful and funny side, Also saw another possibility as an actor. Netizens also expressed their praise for her standing sister image and acting skills in the new play.

It is reported that "struggle, young man!" has been broadcast successfully, ranking the first in a row at the same time. What will be the wonderful performances of reporter Xiao Sha played by Liu Yongxi tonight? What kind of wonderful duel will the teenagers take? The competition is coming. Please pay more attention to the youth time theater of Hunan Satellite TV from 22:00 every Monday to Wednesday. Mango TV will be broadcast alone on the whole network on that day, and members will watch it first at 23:00.