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Pan Pan's new single "I want to tell you" sings the prelude to the romantic Tanabata Festival

Today, the new female singer Xiao Pan Pan released her new single "I want to tell you". The song has a light rhythm and sweet lyrics. With Xiao Pan Pan Fu's smart voice, the whole song radiates a new vitality and gives people a sense of love.

It is reported that when Xiao pan received this song, he repeatedly guessed the singing mood of the song, because he had to play the song properly. Xiao Pan said: I want to show the feeling of a girl's love for the first time in this song. When a girl sees the boy she likes, she releases her reserve and boldly speaks out her love, just like the role played by Yang Zi in my recent play dear, loving. " I just want to say to you, put up your gentle ears, in the night, you are the star to destroy my sadness. " The playful songs and smart voice deduce the youth and romance of the song.

On the eve of Tanabata, Xiao Pan's new sweet work "want to tell you" went online. Break your shyness and say love boldly.