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"Dear, beloved" opens the peak battle of the high combustion all star performance competition, full

The warm love drama "dear, dear" starring Yang Zi and Li Xian is popular on Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV at 7:30 every night, and iqiyi and Tencent are updated synchronously. The play is produced by huazekton's cool communication, and is adapted from Mo Bao's non Bao novel stewed squid with honey. The All-Star performance competition opened, and the fierce competition ignited the whole audience. The competition here is hot, but the 'Tongyan couple' unexpectedly 'cool down'. Tong Nian (Yang Zi) refuses Han Shangyan (Li Xian)'s proposal & hellip& hellip; What the hell is going on? Remember to go to tonight's "dear, beloved" to find out.

The China finals of the cyber security competition is about to begin, and the All-Star performance competition will take the lead to stir up the atmosphere at the scene. Han Shangyan and other former solo team members fought against the young players led by Wu Bai (especially Hu Yitian) to stage a head-on collision between the legend of the elders and the forces Nouvelles. Finally, solo team won, presented a wonderful performance for the loyal fans of the network security competition, and satisfied their feelings of waiting for ten years. Solo team is the memory of an era. Han Shangyan, MI Shaofei (Li Hongqi), Ai Qing (Wang zhener), Wang Hao (Li Zefeng) and others, as the pioneers of domestic network security competition, have devoted all their youth and love to the industry. While chasing their dreams, they have also become the dream benchmark of many people. Turning love into a career, these dreamers push the industry they strive for to a wider range, carry the expectations of many people, forge ahead and bring positive influence to the society and the public《 In "dear, love", the fetters between players and supporters have always existed. For example, sun Yaya (Jiang Peiyao), who was excited when she first met Mi Shaofei, silently supported her favorite players for a long time. Looking at the dazzling Han Shangyan on the field and hearing the thunderous applause and cheers, Tong Nian understood this fetter and the infinite power of dream gathering.

In addition, the K-K team, which will fight on behalf of China, has also ushered in new challenges. In order to enhance the comprehensive strength of the team, Han Shangyan boldly introduced external member buff to stimulate benign competition within the team. Although buff had conflicts with himself, Han Shangyan still threw an olive branch at him, with an open-minded and overall view. They put aside their past unhappiness, changed from competition to cooperation, devoted themselves to active preparation, and showed a positive attitude that national honor is above all else. As a highly qualified player, buff has passed the golden age, but his strength is still online, breaking his own limit and breaking the public's inherent concept of the player's physical state. Just like his life experience, it is valuable for people to have dreams, but they also need to match their efforts and strength. Only by constantly surpassing their own limits can they get closer and closer to their dreams.