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During the performance, the button of his shirt burst and Yao Mingming accidentally showed his chest

On the evening of July 27, the seventh and last fan meeting of the popular idol men's group unite "run to u" was successfully held in Chengdu. Yao Mingming, as the popular main dancer in the team, left good memories for fans with unabated strength and full enthusiasm, and also drew a perfect end to the tour.

Yao Mingming's fans are still in Chengdu subway station. There are many positions under the outdoor large screen package of Chengdu Swire, rolling to play the help video to cheer for Mingming's last closing performance.

At the beginning of the meeting, Yao Mingming appeared in a suit and vest with a blue ribbon around his waist, which was very eye-catching. Sexy clothes show the body curve and attract fans to scream.

But the 'welfare' of this stage is far more than that! In the second half of the performance, Yao Mingming disguised himself as a blue and white striped silk shirt with white pants. The fierce dance action made one of the few buttons on his chest burst open, and his tight and qualitative chest muscles took a glance in front of the camera! The fans were pleasantly surprised. The scream didn't stop for a long time!

Although shy, Yao Mingming still completed the middle part of the performance with professional stage quality. He secretly arranged his coat in the process of changing the formation to the back. The shy smile inadvertently formed a sharp contrast with the sexy charm of the stage, and the reverse charm made the fans want to stop.

The first tour after the Group officially ended. I look forward to Yao Mingming's better performance in his new works and see you next time!