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"Amnesty 1959" premiered "juntong three swordsmen", song Chuyan carried out the resistance to the en

The historical revolution era drama amnesty 1959, CO starring Zhang duo, Xi Wang and song Chuyan, premiered in a golden file of CCTV on July 29. The film tells the historical event of amnesty for counter revolutionary criminals for the first time in China. Among them, Zhou yanghao, a spy played by young mainland actor song Chuyan, is known as "one of the three swordsmen of juntong". The role has a distinctive personality and full of highlights, which fully shows the true face of some "recalcitrant elements" during the transformation.

Pay tribute to the Communist Party's amnesty history and face the public for the first time

Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, there have been seven cases of "amnesty". It has been 60 years since the first amnesty was granted by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in 1959. In response to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China and paying tribute to the revolutionary victory of the great Communist Party, the TV series "amnesty 1959" brought the audience into that historical memory. The people's Republic of China paid 12082 anti revolutionary and criminal criminals for the first time The historical facts of 33 war criminals will be intuitively reflected in the play.

Amnesty 1959 not only reflects the stories of a group of war criminals being reformed, but also shows the psychological state and personal attitude of some "anti reform" characters in an all-round way. In the play, Zhou yanghao, played by song Chuyan, is "bound to carry out the resistance to the end". The last batch of characters who always resist the transformation are released. Zhou yanghao represents the other side of the stubborn resistance against 'obedience to reformers'. The play intuitively presents the different psychological emotions of reformers during the amnesty, and the theme is very novel.

Song Chuyan broke through the new angle of self to expose history

Zhou yanghao, who studied law, was originally an advanced intellectual in the play. After the founding of new China in 1949, the Party Central Committee transferred a number of senior war criminals of Chiang Kai Shek group to Beijing Gongdelin for centralized detention. Zhou yanghao is one of them. Because his accumulation of legal knowledge is higher than ordinary people, he is good at using it to resist the CPC Central Committee and the people's Liberation Army, and even often "make trouble" during the transformation, showing a strong attitude of disobedience. Zhou yanghao has a simple image but arrogant personality. In the later stage, he began to work with Xu YuanJu, plant stolen goods and frame up, disrupt the transformation work order, and is the "king of trouble" in the play.

Zhou yanghao's entry into the meritorious forest at the beginning of the play was' depressed ', and then gradually began to show his nature. It is reported that the prison play of the play was shot at a live cultural relics site in Wuhu. It can be seen that the crew and actors of amnesty 1959 have great professionalism. At the same time, song Chuyan has cooperated with the crew director for many years. Playing the 'recalcitrant spy' makes song Chuyan immerse himself in the long and profound history and try new roles for the first time. He has both self-confidence and strong strength.

Amnesty 1959 was broadcast in a golden file on CCTV. It is incumbent on everyone to understand history and learn the spirit of the party. Please look forward to it!