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Fang Song was invited to attend the art Xiamen International Expo and created the original "rock col

Recently, the professional painter Fang Song, formerly known as Fang Huisheng, was invited to attend the 2018 art Xiamen International Expo. Fang Song's participation in this exhibition is mainly rock colored crab encounter. In fact, Fang Song has insisted on the creation of "crab encounter" series paintings for four years, and a number of works have been shipped out. With continuous participation in various exhibitions, most of them have been collected by some art institutions and individuals, It has also been widely praised.

However, he will not only be satisfied with this, but will still look for new creative inspiration from all angles, constantly improve and strive to create more and more exquisite works. The "rock" of "rock color" refers to the powder of ore, even gem powder, which refers to materials, such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, pearl, red coral, etc. rock color painting is a kind of painting made of various natural stones and even gem powder, mixed with water and animal glue as the medium, and painted on special walls, boards and canvases. Because the color used to draw her is itself from natural materials, it has the characteristics of gorgeous color and no color change for thousands of years.

It originated from a kind of color painting within the Chinese national culture. Its history can be traced back to the primitive and simple painted pottery in Banpo, the rich silk and lacquer paintings in Mawangdui, and the meticulous heavy color painting in the Tang Dynasty. The most famous Chinese grotto murals, represented by ancient Dunhuang murals, mainly use mineral stone powder as pigment. Rock color painting is an ancient and modern kind of painting.

When Fang Song meets rock color painting, it will perfectly combine inheritance and innovation, tradition and modernity. His rock color painting series with crab as the theme created a unique wind vane for rock color painting.

Over the past decades, Mr. Fang Song has used various things in life as the source of creation and created a large number of works reflecting our life, such as the language of empty mountains and fog, the picture of Youxi moistening banyan, the beauty of streams around Yang, etc. in these paintings, we can clearly see the overlapping mountains, vigorous trees, magnificent and open landscape atmosphere, with both the artistic conception of thinking of the past, There are also realistic customs, the combination of virtual and real, and the intersection of light and shadow, which have been widely concerned and praised by all sectors of society.