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In Xu Dongdong's "remaining sin" play, it was as if two people were domineering outside the play. Th

'personal design' is often used to describe the personality characteristics of each character in film and television dramas. In addition, we are often classified as different 'personal design' in daily life. For entertainers, especially actors, the profession is inseparable from the establishment of 'personal design'. Some people have little difference before and after the screen, while others are different;

Xu Dongdong is one of the latter. In the phenomenal online drama "Yu sin", she has created a popular image of "domineering sister-in-law", but privately she is very different from the role;

'sister-in-law 'Shen Jiawen is a role that Xu Dongdong amazed the public in Yu sin. She is the woman behind the gangster, the independent and self-improvement female boss behind the scenes, and the domineering heroine with fierce eyes. Shen Jiawen runs through the first and second seasons of Yu sin and exudes infinite female charm;

In the early stage, she was gentle, beautiful, kind and considerate. In the later stage, every body movement and expression of her deeply revealed a ruthless spirit of "strangers are not close". Xu Dongdong performed her domineering sister-in-law Shen Jiawen with a high cold temperament. The audience who had seen Yu sin were very familiar with her. It seems that there is always an invisible strength and forbearance in her sister-in-law Shen Jiawen;

Her coldness and her depth are like a layer of protective clothing. Although she entangles with Yu sin and the big brother Fu Guosheng, she will not shake herself at all. 'sister-in-law' is a cold-blooded beauty that men want to get close to, but she has calmness and calmness higher than ordinary people. She is domineering, cruel but pitiful. This is the label that the public has attached to the role of sister-in-law Shen Jiawen;

Fortunately, Xu Dongdong's acting skills have been recognized by the majority of the audience. She has successfully brought 'sister-in-law' Shen Jiawen to everyone and won praise from countless netizens. The audience of "Yu sin" has burst, and Xu Dongdong's popularity has soared. More and more fans pay attention to her personal life. I don't know. In private, she is even brighter in front of people's eyes;

This calm and domineering 'sister-in-law' on the screen is a funny and inspirational young girl? Are you right?

'never have dinner again!', ' Never buy new clothes this month! " You must go to bed early tonight! "& hellip;& hellip; Opening Xu Dongdong's microblog home page is actually a strange 'sand sculpture' painting style. She often uses' too thick arms' and 'continue to say I'm fat and ugly' to get dark, and sometimes she regrets what she has experienced in life;

Many fans can't help but leave a message and ask: how many sides do you have that we don't know? But as an actor, Xu Dongdong also attaches great importance to 'body management', 'I really want to eat snail powder' and 'summer comes to learn swimming'. Whenever I see these developments, many people will give her encouragement like their friends. Maybe this is Xu Dongdong's charm.

Xu Dongdong's' double-sided '-- high cold in the play and grounded outside the play, slowly let more and more netizens understand her honest and true temperament. From the role, everyone enjoys her goddess temperament on the screen, and for herself, being confident, real and brave is also a very part of the circle of fans!