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Painter Fang Song acts as art consultant of sister city Exchange Association, with unique style (pic

Fang Song is currently the chief art consultant of the China friendship cities Exchange Association and the chief art consultant of the China Federation of enterprises caring for both sides of the Taiwan Strait. He has been an artist for many years, and Fang Song has been hesitant for several times! First, several classical masters who are interested in oil painting and worship European oil painting in their hearts, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens, Rembrandt, Bouguereau and so on, have influenced him to varying degrees.

From the perspective of techniques, Fang song can skillfully express his creative theme with Rembrandt's light. At the same time, he also realized the importance of a real artist's valuable talent from the brushwork of Chinese freehand painting, and integrated the freehand brushwork of oil painting into his oil paintings very early, thus forming his own unique oil painting artistic style.

Fang Song experienced the super realistic period, realistic period, and then freehand brushwork period of his works. Each step is a continuous process of negation and re negation of himself. He also participated in many exhibitions for extensive exchanges and won unanimous praise! Yun Limei, an expert in the calligraphy and Painting Department of the National Palace Museum, commented on Fang Song: in his works, whether it's landscape paintings or figure paintings, you can see lush trees, gurgling water, clouds, mountains and fog, and broad and fat banana leaves everywhere.

Peer Sister Ping has lived in Fujian for many years. When she saw his oil painting, she was moved: no wonder! The painting has the unique charm of Fujian. The rainy Fujian is full of water vapor everywhere. The author integrates this feeling into the painting and marks the brand of his hometown. The feeling of water can be seen from the lush trees moistened by rain and dew; You can see from the unfettered extension of banana leaves in raindrops; You can see it on the wet pebbles in the winding path.