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An Yixuan is a strong mother, and she is a bad husband after childbirth

Recently, an Yixuan, who was upgraded to a mother, disclosed her recent situation in Xiaohong book on the evening of July 25, saying that she gained 16 kg when she was pregnant, but quickly lost 12 kg after giving birth to the child. Although such a magical constitution was envied by all treasure mothers, she frightened 66 dad. Now an Yixuan is surrounded by the luxurious monthly meal arranged by 66 dad every day.

An Yixuan, who rarely appeared after pregnancy, announced the news of her birth on her microblog a few days ago. Once the news was sent, it immediately triggered a hot discussion on the whole network and immediately occupied the first place in the hot search.

As soon as the news of "Lin Yueru becoming a mother" came out, fairy sword left behind children such as Hu Ge, Peng Yuyan and Liu Yifei were urged to marry again by netizens and almost went on a hot search.

In the microblog on the same day, an Yixuan also Po posted a photo of the little prince 66. In the photo, the small jingle couple held the baby's little feet, and 66's toes were also equipped with mom and dad's wedding diamond ring. The lovely 66 was lying on the crib, sleeping sweetly, very cute.

In the comments, there are more blessings, 'bless the baby and the new mother', 'Congratulations, the baby's face value must be very high', 'I was moved to cry, we were 66 born', 'my Liang Mucheng became a mother' and netizens teased 'Congratulations, our moon has a baby, and Hu Ge is still single'.

An Yixuan wrote on his microblog that "after waiting for a long time, I finally saw myself. I can't help saying: I look better than photos (ultrasound 4D)". An Yixuan wrote on his microblog & lsquo; Thank you for your blessings along the way and let 66 come to this beautiful new world safely, healthily and smoothly & rsquo;.

In the microblog, I praised Mr. Baba's care for myself: 'thank you very much for taking the initiative to enter the delivery room. I'm not so nervous, and I personally take care of our mother and son because I don't have enough sleep these days. I always remember that when you kneel down to propose and exchange wedding rings, I told myself to give you a complete home, The arrival of 66 has made this family warmer. In the future, let's go towards happiness with big hands and small hands. "

Shortly after the new year, an Yixuan, who celebrated the second anniversary of marriage registration, announced the news of her pregnancy on the anniversary of March 15, which immediately triggered a heated debate. Netizens were even more amazed and shouted 'our & lsquo; Lin Yueru & rsquo; I'm going to be a mother '.

In the published microblog, an Yixuan also revealed that the baby's little name was' 66 ', and the couple successfully upgraded to & lsquo; Pull the hemp & rsquo;.

After that, xiaodingdang and his wife sent high sugar dog food from time to time, abusing countless dogs. Going to concerts, traveling and shopping together, contracting toenails and applying pregnancy oil during the whole pregnancy have become the daily work of the 'little Dingdang couple'.

On March 15, 2017, an Yixuan, who has always been cautious and low-key emotionally, directly posted her wedding news on her microblog. She sweetly called her husband 'xiaodingdang'.

In the process of taking wedding photos, it staged a romantic global trip, traveling all over Italy, Rome, Paris and other scenic spots, just to leave the most beautiful memories, which is really enviable.

An Yixuan, who grew up with a rich family and was pampered by his family, has been regarded as "the first sister of idol drama" because of her beautiful appearance and exquisite acting skills since her debut. She has become more popular in the entertainment circle and in the eyes of friends & lsquo; Nothing is lacking. Just give me love & rsquo; An Yixuan chose to marry and have children at the height of her career, which shows that she really met the right person!

From New York to Paris, from Hengdian to Taiwan, he even didn't hesitate to put down his business to take care of an Yixuan. I remember an Yixuan once said on Xiaos's program, 'once I caught a cold, & lsquo; Tinkle Bell & rsquo; He rushed directly from Macao to take care of himself, and then rushed back to work. In fact, he can directly let the people around me take care of me, but he didn't 'it may be that this deep affection for everything moved an Yixuan's heart, and finally a lover will get married.

At the wedding two years ago, the red Chinese dress with a low-key, sincere and golden fish totem, the golden pig card and the blessing of many children and blessings heralded the beginning of an Yixuan's happy road.

At ordinary times, she was spoiled. An Yixuan was taken care of by her husband after she became pregnant. An Yixuan, who wanted to give birth naturally, had no choice but to have a caesarean section because of the dissuasion and worry of her family. Xiaodingdang put down all her work and accompanied her into the delivery room to give her enough courage.

The elders at home and the relatives and friends who have seen the baby praise the baby's "super high performance value, handsome and lovely". After an Yixuan's production, her husband takes good care of the baby all the way. He not only burps and sleeps the baby, but also takes care of an Yixuan. He wipes her body with a medicine bath every day. I hope she can regulate her body, rest at ease and breastfeed the baby.

With such a good husband, no wonder an Yixuan recovered very quickly after childbirth. It's really full of envy!

As a mother just now, an Yixuan also humbly consulted the little sweet potatoes on the little red book this time, asked everyone about some places to pay attention to during confinement, and exchanged pregnant mother's experience together. An Yixuan also replied attentively, and the comment area was happy for a time.

The pregnant mothers in the comment area are also generous to tell their pregnant mother's experience, 'don't stop the bird's nest, don't stop DHA', 'it's best to lie down and feed. If the posture is wrong, the knee is easy to be injured'.

Some pregnant moms have a & lsquo; Fairy Constitution & rsquo; It is full of envy. Some time ago, an Yixuan announced his pregnancy photos on his second wedding anniversary, which attracted countless hot discussions among netizens and was praised as the 'most beautiful pregnant mommy'.

Sun out of pregnancy photos, the correct interpretation of the 'female star pregnant only fat belly' model. Slender limbs, sexy curves, no doubt the most beautiful pregnant Mommy!

In addition to her own physique, the food she eats is still very important for her good figure during pregnancy and recovery after pregnancy. This time, an Yixuan dried out the food she ate when she was in confinement. Many people were surprised by the variety and variety. It was a luxury meal.

From the photos, we can see that every dish of an Yixuan's moon meal has very good color and looks, which makes people greedy.

An Yixuan's monthly meal is mainly light, with high protein such as fish and shrimp, red meat such as beef to restore Qi and blood, and vegetables and fruits. It looks very nutritious, like a luxury meal. Moreover, the appearance value of these monthly meals is quite high. The dishes are fine, and it feels that they have both color and flavor.

An Yixuan said in his article that because of the sudden loss of postpartum weight, she gained 16 kg in pregnancy and 12 kg in postpartum weight. In addition, her father was worried that her postpartum nutrition would keep up with her, and arranged a luxury confinement meal for her. The crazy devil who spoiled her wife deserved her reputation. Such a husband is really considerate.

An Yixuan believes that an important reason why she wants to eat more supplementary nutrition is also to provide better nutrition for her children.

Before, Bai Xinhui, a good friend, visited an Yixuan at the center of the month and sent a document to disclose the recent situation of an Yixuan. After giving birth to the child, an Yixuan always insisted on feeding the child in person with breast milk. An Yixuan mocked himself and said, 'I'm really a cow, but it's really hard to feed it three times a day, one hour at a time, but when I see my son's full appearance, I think everything is worth it.'

An Yixuan's agent also revealed that an Yixuan can only sleep three hours a day in order to take care of her children, which also makes her husband very distressed and worried that she hurt her body.

If you are a parent, you are strong & lsquo; Princess Ann & rsquo; It's really great! After seeing these news, many netizens also commented on 'an Yixuan is married to love', 'it's not easy to be a mother for the first time' and 'an Yixuan has a long way to go, raising a baby'. After hearing about Princess Ann's recovery, many netizens said, 'another beautiful hot mother', 'Princess Ann has recovered so well, and her comeback is just around the corner'

Seeing Princess an look so happy and sweet really makes many fans happy. They see that the two people in love have fulfilled their promises to each other at the wedding: 'xiaodingdang spoiled an Yixuan into a princess and let her be the happiest Mrs. Chen.' An Yixuan gave xiaodingdang a happy and complete home. The original beautiful love can always make them better and happier. I wish an Yixuan's family a sweet and happy life forever! I look forward to Princess Ann's early recovery!