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Xiong Hao became an observer in the business world when he participated in the dream space

Yesterday, the second season of the new love and dating program "love dream space" produced by Hunan Satellite TV began to broadcast sweetly. In addition to Shen Mengchen, an old member of last season, big s, Zhang MingEn, Li Zixuan and Xiong Hao also formed a sweet 'dream observation group'. Xiong Hao, an associate professor of Law Department of Fudan University, who performed well in the fifth season of wonderful flower, participated in love observation programs for the first time. In addition to being an elite in the legal field, Xiong Hao was also an observer in love business?

As soon as the program was launched last night, it attracted the attention of many viewers. The topic of the program directly dominated the hot search list. After watching the premiere, Xiaobian especially likes big s and Xiong Hao, two business observers. In one section of the program, after the guests announced their ages, one of the little sisters was the oldest of the six. From this, we discussed whether age will become an obstacle to love? Xiong Hao gave a very unique opinion. He said: 'nothing will become an obstacle to love. If someone thinks that age is an obstacle, I want to ask, what does age mean? For example, if age represents experience and wealth, you actually think that age is not an obstacle. In fact, you think that experience and wealth are obstacles. "

What we know about Xiong Hao is more about his image cognition as an associate professor of the Law School of Fudan University. We never thought that Mr. Xiong would have such unique views on love. But in fact, this paragraph gives a lot of encouragement to many people who love but dare not. In front of love, nothing can be a reason to bind you, so remember to love bravely.

Although Xiong Hao participated in the love program for the first time, he surprised everyone and performed very well. Netizens said that in addition to the original 'conflict resolution expert', teacher Xiong Hao can also be a 'love instructor'. I don't know what skills Mr. Xiong Hao will teach you in the next issue to make EQ double quotient explode. I look forward to Mr. Xiong Hao's wonderful performance in the future.