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Wei Zheming's new play exchange! Luck's startup partner Yan Chengxu and Shen Yue perform fresh and s

Directed by Lin Ziping and starring Yan Chengxu, Shen Yue and Wei Zeming, the urban inspirational love drama exchange! Luck was officially launched recently. The play is adapted from Mo Xi's novel of the same name and tells a love story in the fashion design industry.

This time, Wei Zheming is in exchange! Lu Yanzhi, played in luck, is a sunny and handsome optimist. His father is the godfather of the fashion industry and his mother establishes a designer office. Under such a deep background, Lu Yanzhi prefers to study cloth than design. After returning home, in order to prove himself to his father, he has to force himself to become a 'talented designer'. Because he participated in a competition, he met Tong Xiaoyou (Shen Yue) and tit for tat with Lu Xingcheng (Yan Chengxu). Lu Yan's complex family and sweet and sour love story make people look forward to how his story will unfold.

It is reported that many dramas, such as "first love of a senior girl" and "extreme rescue", starring Wei Zheming, are to be broadcast. The topics of subsequent works are constantly hot before broadcasting, which is worth waiting.