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Zhu Yejin, founder of yacht baby international media, was praised as a cross-border boss with a vici

If you want to say the most brilliant career now, it must be the stars in the entertainment industry, singing, dancing and acting, exposed in the spotlight for a long time and enjoying the attention of fans. In fact, as a star, there are probably two development directions. The first is to continue to develop in the film world, from the age of 20 to the age of 50. For example, she recently starred in "aunt" Li ruotong in "petition order", or Zhou Haimei in last year's "new leaning on the sky and killing the dragon".

The other is to be a cross-border boss, set up a studio or start a company, which is very risky. If you are careless, you will be heavily in debt. Zhu Yejin, a famous film and television drama producer, film producer, music producer and actor, chose this difficult road.

In 2014, Zhu Yejin became the founder of yacht baby international media, creating a word-of-mouth project 'China yacht baby Competition' and running all year round. At a young age, he was praised by many media as the representative of CEO in the young world. Entrepreneurship brought him a lot of aura, but in fact, just like actors brought people joy, few people found tears on their faces, Little is known about the bitterness and helplessness behind Zhu Yejin's success.

But he didn't stop there. Soon after, he became the founder of the star making plan International School of art. It can be seen that Zhu Yejin really loves the performing arts career. He believes that compared with the previous generation of artists, young people now have a more open growth environment in the new era. They should be more open to art observation, thinking and creation, but how to contact and understand art seems to lack a direct channel. Therefore, Zhu Yejin chose to create such a channel, Let those children who love performance and art know themselves more clearly and three-dimensional, tap their talents, and build the backbone of China's contemporary 'star generation'.

In 2018, Zhu Yejin also founded Bailemen Entertainment International Co., Ltd., created the first women's group of 51ptg Philippines, and led the team to participate in international commercial performances for many times. From a small actor working hard step by step to becoming a boss on his own, Zhu Yejin's transformation of identity is amazing. What's more, he has a unique and leading vision every time he starts a business. Turning to the next development blueprint, Zhu Yejin admitted that he did not have any grand ambitions. Next, he will go on with a persistent and sincere attitude, hoping to contribute to China's performing arts career.