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Network drama innovation《 New road · Yazi creates a new type of modern martial arts comedy

Produced by the legend of five continents in Macao, the original network short play "new road & middot"; Yazi recently officially announced the launch of the project. Directed by two senior creators, guzheng and Zhang Haobo, the play will challenge the new cast and sincerely bring a funny new Wulin trip to the audience with the innovative concept of modern martial arts and comedy elements.

It is understood that the play recently held its first press conference in Macao on July 21. The general manager of Macao Wuzhou legend film and television Investment Co., Ltd. and "new road & middot"; Zhang Hongwei, producer of Yazi, Liang Qingting, spokesman of the Executive Council of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Qiu tingbiao, a practising barrister in Macao, Qu Rongzhi, member of the Executive Committee of the Macao Foundation, Qu Jinrong, President of Lingnan middle school in Macao, and 'Xinma Road & middot'; Yu Meixiao, the planner of Yazi, was present to witness the important moment when the play was launched.

Strength 'comedian' to ensure comedy effect

The story of the play revolves around a martial arts school called 'new road'. It tells the story of two hot-blooded young male grandsons and nanmenya who love martial arts and have different personalities. They unremittingly carry forward Chinese martial arts in a series of ups and downs. The two young characters in the play, whether they are the grandson of Gangman cos or Nanmen cliff with long hair and Fairy Spirit, their qualities of kindness, simplicity, justice and courage are the portrayal of the current young people, which is bound to resonate with the audience. At the same time, the film focuses on Chinese martial arts and implements the Chinese soul of martial arts from the perspective of small characters, so as to carry forward Chinese traditional martial arts culture to the world.

It is reported that the two directors of the play, guzheng and Zhang Haobo, are from the well-known comedy brand program "laughter conference room". It is worth mentioning that this is the first time guzheng has acted as a director. Before that, she has created countless roles well-known by the audience in "laughter conference room". With fresh and sweet appearance, funny performance of ghost horses and comedy humor, she is highly praised by the audience. This transformation as a director provides a wider creative space for the comedy talent of guzheng, and also escorts the 'laughing fruit' of the play.

Actors participate in script creation and fine polishing

As the first modern martial arts comedy in China, new road & middot; Yazi takes the form of an 8-minute online short play. The plot 'laughing fruit' is highly concentrated, the script is solid and the laughing points are dense. Under the 'fast food era', it accurately hits the hearts of the audience. At the same time, the script requirements of the main creative team of the play are very harsh. The script creation has not only been polished several times, but also will take one month to study the script before starting up. A large number of new actors are employed in the play. In order to ensure the quality of the play and the high integration of roles and actors, the director and screenwriter boldly let the main actors also participate in the creation of the script. This method is novel in the shooting process of domestic film and television works. In addition, the main actors almost all entered the group training one month in advance, and deeply carved in martial arts, body, lines and other aspects, hoping to finally give the audience a perfect viewing experience.

Mature drama production mode to create high-quality products

As we all know, Hollywood, a mature film and television industry, adopts the producer centered system in the production of most of their film and television works. From the perspective of creation, producer centered system can make directors focus more on creation, while from the perspective of audience, producer centered system can ensure higher drama quality《 New road & middot; Yazi adopts a mature producer centered system, focusing on what kind of works the audience wants to see, so it has been recognized by the audience. In addition, it is built by a professional team; Yazi must be a masterpiece.

It is reported that the play will be officially launched in mid and late August. Please look forward to it.