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"Full time master" starts broadcasting, Liang Sen performs uninhibited youth burning dreams

Teng Huatao is the chief producer and director in November. Penguin film and television, Ningmeng film, Ningmeng Yuexin, Fengyi media and YueKai film and television jointly produce the youth inspirational drama "full time master" starring Yang Yang, Jiang Shuying and Liang Sen, which has been broadcast independently on the whole Tencent video network. Adapted from the novel of the same name of butterfly blue, the play tells the story of the rise of Ye Xiu, a professional player of great God level, after his life was cleared. Among them, Liang Sen plays the domineering and persistent Jiashi team Sun Xiang in the play.

Young, frivolous and attracted attention, Liang Sen did not live up to his expectation of attention

In the play, Sun Xiang, played by Liang Sen, took over Ye Xiu's position in the team by chance, and took over the right to use the role card 'Yiye Zhiqiu', becoming the proud new captain of Jiashi team. His superb personal skills and outspoken skills left a deep impression on the audience.

In the team, Sun Xiang has outstanding personal strength, publicized personality and strong aura. Although he succeeded Ye Xiu as captain of Jiashi, he has become one of the important factors to promote the development of the whole plot. Liang Sen's deep and three-dimensional facial features and tall and handsome appearance also make the audience feel very in line with the image of the original work, which has been highly praised and concerned by many people.

Actor Liang Sen, who keeps fighting for his dream, can expect the future

Although Liang Sen has just entered the performing arts circle, he has been favored by many film and television works with his professional level and high-quality appearance. Graduated from the Central Academy of drama, he once had a brilliant performance in works such as Fu Yao and dear Archimedes. In addition to participating in film and television dramas, he also participated in reality shows such as cross-border song king and cross-border ice and Snow King. His youthful breath and upright character have made more people see the different faces of the big boy beyond acting.

What will be the changes in Liang Sen's Sun Xiang in "full time master" and the original work? How will the character story change? What kind of test did he experience in the team? What growth will you gain in this process? It is a puzzle expected by many viewers and fans. Next, actor Liang Sen will announce it for us one by one with his own performance. Please pay attention to Tencent video "full time master" at 20 o'clock every Wednesday to Friday. I'll see you soon.