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Beautiful singing this summer heat wave hit Zhou Shen's debut five years without forgetting his orig

In the summer of 2019, the ethereal singer Zhou Shen's new songs continued, and the heat wave hit! Three songs have been released, including the dream theme song "pursuit for love" in the three-dimensional version of the dream journey to the West. The beautiful voice deduces the grand atmosphere of the game picture, and the ethereal song of the digital album "doomsday spaceship" cooperated with Tang Hanxiao hits the listener's heart. At the end of July, the ending song "straight through the sky" for the animation "Season 3" and the character theme song "crossing the desolate city" for the TV series "petition order" will also be launched soon. After five years of debut experience and singing many impressive songs, Zhou Shen has always adhered to his heart and music quality, and has always broken through himself on the road of music.

"Search for love" airborne third place, and "doomsday spaceship" was widely praised

In July, Zhou Shen cooperated with Tang Hanxiao on the digital album doomsday spaceship. " I flew into the universe and drifted to the end of the world. The beautiful song perfectly matched with Tang Hanxiao to show the mystery of the vast universe. The melody and harmony of Bel Canto are like giving people a feeling of singing life. Florence Rosa's language hits the listener's heart directly. The album went online less than 20 minutes and sold more than 10000. The two songs of doomsday spaceship and Cassini were highly praised by the majority of listeners and friends.

In the same month, Zhou Shen sang the theme song "pursuit for love" of "three dimensional dream journey to the west". Look at the flying flowers into the world. Look at the sound that looks back on the dream like snow and does not stain the dust, which describes a magnificent scene. The beautiful opera cavity makes people enter the music. The perfect integration of music, words and songs ranked third in the airborne list of the 33rd issue of the mainland list of Asian new songs.

Five years of interpretation experience, never forget the original heart, and adhere to the quality of music

Last week, 2019 "China's good voice" was officially launched. Zhou Shen was interviewed by the good voice program group. He said: "seven years ago, I was an ordinary student struggling in medical school in Ukraine. I never thought there would be a stage waiting for me to realize my dream." Looking back, July 2019 is the fifth year of Zhou Shen's debut. During these five years, Zhou Shen released dozens of songs, including the impression song "big fish" of "big fish Begonia", the "youth confession song" of the animated film "yesterday green sky", "too late to be brave", the promotion song of the same name of the Oscar best film "water shape story", and so on. At the end of July, Zhou Shen's ending song "straight through the sky" for the animation "Season 3" and his character theme song "crossing the desolate city" for the TV series "petition order" will also be launched soon.

After the good voice competition, Zhou Shen also held a "deep space" personal tour concert and traveled around major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Hangzhou with high-quality works. All the audience were immersed in the song world performed by Zhou Shen. At the end of the year, the second round of new concerts will be launched, which will be greatly upgraded in terms of specifications, dance beauty and content. I believe the expectation will not fail.

Over the past five years, Zhou Shen has never forgotten his original intention, adhered to the original intention of music, maintained the quality of music and continuously improved himself. It is expected that singer Zhou Shen can bring us more pleasant works and bloom all the way on the road of music.