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"Ethereal records of Kyushu" is a strong attack. The cast is too strong. Zhang Jiayi is powerful

A few days ago, the TV series "the ethereal record of Kyushu" starring Liu Haoran, song Zuer, Chen ruoxuan, Zhang Zhijian, Li Guangming, Xu Qing, Wang ou, Zhang Jiayi, Zhang Fengyi and Jiang Shuying was officially broadcast.

With the virtual 'Kyushu' as the background, the play tells the growth story of young hero LV Guichen in the era of competition.

With a strong starring lineup and the participation of many powerful actors, the play is deeply expected by everyone before it is broadcast. Zhang Fengyi and Zhang Jiayi are specially invited to play in the play. Today we want to talk about the Baili Jinghong of Jiuzhou ethereal record.

Zhang Jiayi, the actor, is believed to be very familiar to everyone. For Bai Li Jinghong played by Zhang Jiayi, netizens have said: "introverted and resourceful, every look in Lao Zhang's play is very good." He's so cute to stick on his beard. " If you don't laugh, you are the Lord of the country. When you smile, you become great. " Why does this beard always want to be pulled off? " Why is the Lord so cute? " I like it all the way. It's so cute. "

He is the leader of the state of Tang in the east land. He is powerful and has a deep heart. He has no strong army under his command. However, the princes fought for hegemony. If you have a pillow, you are surrounded by tigers and wolves. After all, there is a strong hand in the strong. Nowadays, the Red Brigades and thunder riders who leave the state take the initiative to provoke, and the Tang Dynasty is in danger. The long Princess of Yin Dynasty was restrained by her in the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, Baili Jinghong is in a dilemma.

It seems that the state of the Tang Dynasty is very much like a piece of meat and potatoes. If you want to invade the imperial capital after leaving the country, you should also start from the next Tang Dynasty. On the one hand, you can give the vassal states a prestige, and on the other hand, you can capture the ancient monument and make it close to the imperial capital. It means killing two birds with one stone.

Baili Jinghong prepared for a rainy day. He had seen that the East and the North needed to depend on each other, otherwise he would die. Therefore, before he left the country to invade, he had to be instructed by the princess to throw olive branches to the Qingyang department. Willing to exchange the following grain and rice of the Tang Dynasty for the ride of the tiger and leopard in Qingyang, but asking a prince to be the horse attached to the Tang Dynasty is actually a hostage.

In this way, the image of Baili Jinghong is very three-dimensional. Only because of the weak national defense strength, it is necessary to obey the emperor's head and princess at the same time. But in fact, Baili Jinghong was not completely without ambition, so he looked for his own breakthrough in the gap between various forces.

Baili Jinghong is played by Zhang Jiayi. It's great. It has a seamless fit.

The roles and actors have become one.

Baili Jinghong is a very complex and difficult character to express. He can't be sharp or weak. He can't take it too tightly and open it too much. He needs to suppress his desire to fight for hegemony, make the Qingyang Department willing to join hands with him, and take measures to curb the arrogance of powerful departures. But the difficulty lies in that a skillful woman can't make bricks without rice. He doesn't have enough troops in his hands. Relying solely on Xiyan to mobilize the army is still powerful and does not follow the heart.

Therefore, the Baili Jinghong we see is interpreted by Zhang Jiayi.

He made the hundred mile Jinghong look like a curtain hanging year, often in a state of contemplation, and like a blank and alone daze in front of him. Most of his eyes were thoughtful and didn't know what he was thinking. On the surface, he seems to have no fighting spirit, but in fact, he hopes that everything will be used by him.

In this way, he hid his deep mind and good at planning under his silent expression. Zhang Jiayi's expression management is exquisite. With a sense of sculpture, thousands of surges are silent.

For example, when the ninth king saw Baili Jinghong questioning Guichen about the assassination of Zoysia in the next Tang Dynasty, Baili Jinghong was not nervous. He slowly told the truth that Guichen took the initiative to find a chance to leave the palace and planned to lead red teeth out for revenge. In this way, Baili Jinghong immediately changed from passive to active, and he made a side attack in due time. The ninth king must join hands with himself in order to win.

When Baili Jinghong had no choice but to make Guichen go to the battlefield voluntarily, he would easily force the nine kings to lead troops only to protect Guichen. In addition, Xi Yanxiao persuaded the nine kings to hand over the iron floating Tu & hellip& hellip;

Just looking at these two things, we can see that Baili Jinghong is completely pulling out a thousand pounds in four or two, that is, it does not hurt the harmony and let the other party take the initiative to use it for me. It can be said to be sophisticated.

make every move only after mature deliberation. If you look at Baili Jinghong carefully, you may be able to catch a glimmer of light from the moment when his eyes are free. There is a conspiracy hidden in his face.

From the current updated plot, what Zhang Jiayi is amazed at must be the play in which he uses words to boost his morale in the face of the soldiers of the three armed forces who are about to go to war. His lines focus on a few sentences, which makes people excited.

"The ancients said that the country was in danger and life and death depended on it. All kings are the pillars of the country. Today, I entrust the country to you. The Duke of Li wins without a shadow, disobeys the law and discipline, kills his father and brother, is crazy and belligerent, and is intolerable in heaven and earth. All of you have benefited from the next Tang Dynasty. I hope you will live up to my trust and stand up for the Lord of rebellion. All the rewards of the Lord's punishment refer to the mountains and rivers! "

These sonorous and powerful words, only a hundred words, have greatly boosted morale. The current leader of the country is no longer a decadent old man living in the palace, but a pillar and backbone that can generate unlimited power and give people unlimited hope.

His voice was thick with a little tear. It was just the collision between the rising of Qi when accumulating strength and the morale that was about to gush out, just like the pounding echo of countless soldiers' hearts that were about to ignite.

After reading that paragraph several times, it can only be said that Zhang Jiayi's ability to shape characters has been perfected. He was not acting as the leader of the state of Tang. At that moment, he was clearly Baili Jinghong.

Indeed, this play is one of the few outstanding new blowout dramas in recent times. A strong cast is also exciting. However, from the perspective of all the male protagonists and supporting actors in the play, at present, Baili Jinghong played by Zhang Jiayi has to be said to be the one with the most three-dimensional image, the most full emotion and the most prominent personality. I really want to thank Zhang Jiayi.