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Huang Junjie's "cute doctor's sweet wife" kills the youth official's announcement of "misplaced cute

Directed by Ke Hanchen, Golden Bell Award screenwriters Lin Xinhui and Jian Qifeng joined, and young actors Huang Junjie, sun Qian and cha Jie starred in the Guofeng traditional Chinese medicine aesthetic comedy "cute doctor's sweet wife" has been successfully killed in Hengdian a few days ago.

Today, the film started the official publicity for the first time, exposing a series of character posters' funny Romance 'of cute doctors《 Cute doctor's sweet wife mainly tells the story of Tian Qi, a little imperial doctor who worked in the Imperial College Hospital, who was transferred to the Ministry of justice under the wrong circumstances, causing many embarrassing things. One is the money loving ghost Ma Qiao imperial doctor played by sun Qian, and the other is the cold-faced iceberg Festival envoy played by Huang Junjie. The master and servant enemies have frequent clashes, and a misplaced love with oolong laughter unfolds & hellip& hellip;

This time, Huang Junjie plays the changeable and moody man Ji Heng. In the official publicity concept film, there is a segment of a gentle and beautiful man who smiles at flowers and turns into a devil's festival. The cool Ji Heng's charm reversal is worth seeing.

Young actor Huang Junjie is known by the public for his modern works such as Liao Danyi in the monitor and Gong Cheng in come to your world. There are also two works of "little brother" Zhang Qiling in the drama "book on the pillow of Sansheng III" and "restart of tomb robbing notes". The indifference and quiet personality and the handsome ancient costume make the audience look forward to the role of Ji Heng in the play.

The cute doctor's sweet wife also brings together many powerful creative teams and production lineups in China: Ke Hanchen, a famous director who has directed many word-of-mouth dramas such as fighting fish and waiting for migratory birds for 15 years; Zhang Ye participated in the costume guide of super dramas such as Ruyi biography and military division alliance; Many gold medal teams such as the lighting guidance team who won the Golden Eagle Award for best lighting also joined the production of the play, and the ingenuity team joined hands to protect the quality of the play.

It is reported that the play will be broadcast alone on Youku. During this period, actor Huang Junjie will perform the national style Chinese medicine aesthetic comedy. Please pay attention!