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Wang Xi's solo tour concert started. Dalian fans ordered songs and sang "military harbor night" (pic

On the 20th, Wang Xi's' cherish Zhenxi 'national tour concert opened romantically in Dalian. Wang Xi, who returned to her hometown of the three northeastern provinces for the first time to hold her own personal concert, was particularly excited and presented a wonderful music feast for the audience.

Meet the wishes of fans and sing many classic works such as "military harbor night" on site

At the concert, Wang Xi brought nearly 20 classic music works such as goodbye to my lover and warm evening wind. In order to meet the wishes of the audience, Wang Xi accepted the on-site song demand and sang many songs such as military port night, Wusuli boat song, we drift on the blue sea and women's flowers, constantly pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

At the concert site, Wang Xi also invited Ma Jia, a good brother in the program "sound into the hearts of the people", as a guest to help. Ma Jia sang two classic musical songs "no one sleeps tonight" and "drinking song" at the concert site. After the concert, they sang and joked together, making pink laugh constantly.

The charming sound line has unique temptation, and is committed to presenting the purest musical charm

A dark blue windbreaker and a white suit highlight Wang Xi's deep and sexy temperament. There is no changeable and colorful dance beauty effect. A high chair, a wheat stand and a top band. Wang Xi uses his voice to bring the audience into the music story he tells.

Wang Xi's charming bass voice line has a unique temptation. As soon as she opens her mouth, it is like a gentle knife that cuts through the quiet air. His singing can penetrate the heart without any modification and express the purest love and affection. It adds a sense of tranquility and tranquility to the gentle city of Dalian. It seems that you can feel it when you close your eyes. You can walk hand in hand with your beloved on the beach, enjoying the sunset glow and the sea breeze, and his advertisements come from your ears at the same time.