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Xiao Zhan's "petition order" Gao abuse comes, and Wei Wuxian loses his love one after another (pictu

Recently, the "petition order" starring popular actor Xiao Zhan is on the air. In the plot updated this week, Wei Wuxian, who has no way to go, is the old and weak women and children left by the insulation family. He takes them to the random burial post to live. Therefore, he has to be expelled from his house by Yunmeng Jiang family. A month later, a legend about the ancestor of Yiling spread among the people. It was said that the ancestor of Yiling was very terrible. He not only betrayed his school, but also killed innocent people and refined puppets. At the same time, Wei Wuxian's beloved elder martial sister married and had children, and invited him to attend the full moon wine. However, under the wrong circumstances, he killed the elder martial sister's husband because he lost control of Wen Ning. In order to protect Wei Wuxian, the Wen family anesthetized him and went to jinlintai to apologize. After Wei Wuxian woke up, he came to Wen's frustrated oath meeting alone. In the face of people's curse and misunderstanding, he finally played his plea. In the scuffle, the elder martial sister was stabbed to death in order to protect Wei Wuxian.

The people Wei Wuxian wanted to protect left him one after another, and he eventually changed from a clean and cheerful teenager to an elusive Yiling ancestor. Such a setting has attracted many fans to shout 'too abusive', and Xiao Zhan himself sent a long article on the social platform, saying: 'Wei Wuxian is born with a smile. Shouldn't such a brilliant person be as dazzling as the sun?' Indeed, Wei Wuxian, who seems heartless, has actually experienced unbearable pain and suffering for countless people. It is also a great challenge for Xiao Zhan to interpret such a person with rich inner contradictions and incomparably persistent and firm determination. However, through the subtle expression, action design and eye changes, he accurately conveyed Wei Wuxian's grievances, forbearance, missing, reluctance and anger to the audience, and also brought everyone deeper into the character's joys, sorrows and joys. Therefore, many netizens have said 'this is Wei Wuxian in their hearts'

It is reported that the film "Zhu Xian", starring Xiao Zhan, has also been officially announced and will meet the audience on September 12. I hope he can bring more surprises. The "petition order" is also popular in Tencent video from Monday to Wednesday at 8 p.m.