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All the women in Jin Yong's martial arts drama are beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and wise, but the three thousand Xiaobian of weak water loves' Zhao Min ', the daughter of the great marshal of the world, Ruyang king, and the first beauty of the yuan. She is gorgeous, forthright, forthright and talented. Although she is a daughter, she also hopes to create a great career. She is also one of the favorite heroines of Jin Yong's readers.

So far, the story of relying on heaven to kill the dragon has been remade in many versions. The most bitter Ye Tong, the most temperamental Zhang Min, the most successful Li Zi, the most lovely Jia Jingwen, the most handsome an Yixuan and the most provocative Chen Yuqi have different shapes for the same Zhao min. generally speaking, each has its own merits. Recently, the most handsome Zhao Min and an Yixuan announced the news of their birth, which triggered a heated discussion.

What are the former Zhao Min actors doing now? Today, Xiaobian will make an inventory for you one by one. Let's have a look.

Let's take a look at an Yixuan, who has just been upgraded as a mother recently. Let's follow her!

A few days ago, an Yixuan announced the news of his birth on his microblog. Once the news was sent, it jumped to the first place in hot search.!

Netizens from all walks of life and friends in the circle also sent blessings. Xu Zhengxi and Li Yixiao, who play Yu Wenhu in Dugu Aotian, and Chen Zihan, their friends for many years, also sent blessings one after another.

An Yixuan, who is famous for starring in fish fighting and fairy sword, has starred in Jin Yong's classic martial arts drama twice, Zhao Min in the story of relying on the sky to kill the dragon and Miao Ruolan in the flying fox on the snow mountain. With bright big eyes and free and easy movement, he has been praised as the most handsome 'Zhao Min' by netizens.

Later, he appeared in many Republic of China dramas and ancient costume dramas. With his exquisite acting skills, he became numerous fans. In the idol drama happiness next stop, he was praised as' the first sister of idol drama 'by the media for his excellent acting skills.

In general, an Yixuan's film and television image is changeable and can be & lsquo; Attack & rsquo; Can & lsquo; Soft & rsquo;, In the popular ancient costume drama Dugu world, Dugu's parents who dream of a glorious family in the world are vividly depicted as weak as Dugu, and the "half pot CP" of "Yu Wenhu" Xu Zhengxi is even more a cry abuse drama powder.

An Yixuan was very popular in her career, but she was extremely low-key in her emotional life. In 2017, she married her boyfriend Chen Ronglian, who had been in love for more than two years, in Hawaii, and this relationship officially surfaced.

The super Dream Island Wedding and the husband with a handsome and golden wife are even more envious of the people.

At the beginning of the year, an Yixuan, who had just married for two years, came the good news of pregnancy.

An Yixuan after marriage can be regarded as opening a high sugar daily life. She was spoiled into a princess. Even when she was pregnant, she was amazing, which shows the sweetness of her life.

A few days ago, an Yixuan announced the news of giving birth on her microblog. In the photo released by Po, the lovely 66 was lying on the crib, sleeping soundly, and her little feet were hung with her parents' wedding rings, which virtually sprinkled dog food!

The husband who took good care of her throughout her pregnancy took the initiative to accompany an Yixuan in the delivery room, which moved her deeply. According to the relatives and friends who have seen the baby, the baby's performance value is super high, handsome and lovely. Because of her husband's close care, an Yixuan, who only needs peace of mind to nurse the baby, has recovered very quickly. It seems that an Yixuan, the most beautiful and spicy mother, will be able to meet us soon.

'Li Wo smiles and sways' is the best pronoun given to Li Zi by the Hong Kong media. Cecilia Cheung once said:' in this world, I only admit that Li Zi is more beautiful than me '.

Due to the decline of her family, 14-year-old Lizi entered the performing arts circle in order to alleviate the burden of her family. She officially made her debut in the guest film happy ghost's summer vacation.

Later, he signed TVB and joined Warner records to realize the development of song, film and television with his unremitting efforts. The beautiful youth and tragic fate in the film "Gu Hun Zi" series & lsquo; Little mute & rsquo; It captured the hearts of many people.

Later, he played the role of Zhao Min in the TVB version of the story of relying on heaven and slaughtering dragons, and was praised as the 'most successful' Zhao Min by the media.

Zhao Min, played by Lizi, can be called a classic because of the heroism of Mongolian women and the wisdom and bravery under the influence of the Royal Palace's higher education, as well as the simplicity of girls in love and the desperate tenderness towards the people they love.

After marriage, Li Zi not only changed her husband's surname to Ma Lijia, but also faded out of the entertainment industry.

She runs a beauty salon for her younger brother to fulfill her wishes. In the past few years, she seems to have become a female entrepreneur.

At the beginning of the year, according to Hong Kong media reports, Lizi presided over the listing ceremony of the gem to the main board for zhuoja Holding Group Co., Ltd. under the Hong Kong stock exchange.

In the twinkling of an eye, Li Zi, who has left the entertainment industry for 10 years, admits that she is still addicted to drama, but at present, she has to give consideration to her career and family. She really has no spare time to play again. Anyway, now she has three lovely daughters and a loving husband, and her brother is also around her. It is full of happiness for Lizi, who was ill fated since childhood. Anyway, I sincerely wish this kind and strong 'Zhao Min'.

Jia Jingwen, a 16-year-old who made her debut through advertising, became famous as a young girl and presided over many variety shows. Later, she played a gentle, strong and resourceful Jianghu strange woman, Yuan Fengyi, in the historical legendary drama the son of heaven, which cooperated with Chen Daoming, Huang Xiaoming and Chen Zihan.

Later, she starred in the story of relying on the sky to kill the dragon. After the play was broadcast, the play won good ratings and reputation. Jia Jingwen also won more love and attention in the mainland by playing the beautiful, noble and wise first heroine Zhao Min in the play.

Zhao Min in Jia Jingwen's version is a lovely and pleasing Zhao Min, also known as & lsquo; Loveliest & rsquo; Zhao min.

This edition of the story of relying on heaven to kill dragons is full of beautiful women, including Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Zihan and Guo Feili. It is more like an idol style martial arts drama.

Recently, Alyssa Chia was drying out the same frame of his own and three daughters on micro-blog. Wutong sister grew up, and her height was almost catching up with her mother. She wore cartoon glasses and her hands were very cute. The family of four is in a very good mood, and each is very beautiful.

Although Jia Jingwen's first relationship is not perfect, it does not hinder her future life. Now her husband loves family happiness. Before, Jia Jingwen also participated in the third season of mother is Superman as a regular guest and took her to the variety show. Her two daughters, software and boniu, are adorable.

An Yixuan, who was pregnant before, also went to Jia Jingwen's home to see two cute babies. The topic of Zhao Min being a mother in both versions at once is a hot topic on the whole network.

In March this year, the social realistic drama "the distance between us and evil", starring Jia Jingwen, Wen Shenghao, Wu kangren and others, was officially released. In the play, she played a strong working woman with serious character and selfless face, and song qiao'an, director of TV news station. This play directly faces the good and evil of human nature. Douban's score is 9.5, which is almost against the sky.

After saying 'the most handsome', 'the most successful' and 'the most lovely' Zhao Min, let's take a look at the so-called 'most bitter' version of Zhao Min played by Ye Tong.

Maybe it's because the play absorbed too many popular styles in Taiwan at that time & lsquo; Crying drama & rsquo;, It makes many scenes of 'Zhao Min' sad. Zhang Wuji is like her weakness. Every time she meets something related to him, Zhao Min's suffering begins.

But "bitterness" did not affect Ye Tong's brilliance. In those years, Ye Tong played the role of Zhao Min because the audience wrote a petition to ask Ye Tong to play. You should know that Ye Tong was the most popular Hong Kong star in Taiwan and the guarantee of viewing.

It is rumored that master Jin Yong once said: Ye Tong's Zhao Min is like coming out of the book. To some extent, Ye Tong's accurate grasp of the role and emotional interpretation can also be attributed to the original author's evaluation.

When it comes to Ye Tong, of course, the most impressive is the classic role of 'Xu Xian'. Although it was a reverse role, it was still popular all over the country with Zhao Yazhi.

The most recent appearance was at Zhong Zhentao's 66th birthday party. Although his youth is gone, Ye Tong often gets together with his friends. His comfortable life is also enviable!

A beautiful young man riding a white horse smiled back.

Even after many years, the scene of Zhang Min and Zhao Min riding a white horse and smiling back in the film version of the story of relying on the sky to kill the dragon is still fresh in my memory, and it is one of the indelible classic clips in the film and television industry.

Zhang Min's version of Zhao Min should be the most temperament version of all versions. Zhang Min's own appearance has a trace of heroism. Therefore, Zhao Min she plays is very noble and moving. She is beautiful with a smile.

Zhang Min, who was born in the Miss Asia and artist training class of ATV, was attracted by Xiang taixiang, the boss of Yongsheng film company, and joined Yongsheng film company. She quickly became the hottest and most filmed actress in Hong Kong in the 1990s. Zhang Min's filmmaking record has not been surpassed so far.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that many martial arts films have Zhang Min's figure and have cooperated with many first-line stars at that time (including Andy Lau, Guo Fucheng, Zhang Xueyou, liming, Chow Yun fat, Liang Jiahui, etc.).

In particular, her cooperation with Stephen Chow is the most wonderful. She has partnered with the series of "truant Weilong", "Luding", "new Jingwu gate", "nine grade sesame official", "gambler" and so on.

The film version of the story of relying on the sky to kill the dragon, which is cooperated with Jet Li and Qiu Shuzhen, is a classic in the memory of countless people.

After filming ten brothers, Zhang Min gradually faded out of the entertainment circle, engaged in clothing and beauty, and married her boyfriend Liu Yonghui who had been in love for 9 years in 2012.

On March 3, 2017, Zhang Min announced a low-key comeback.

After taking stock of so many 'Zhao Min', finally, in the latest version of the story of relying on heaven to kill dragons, Chen Yuqi plays Zhao Min, who is known as the 'most provocative' version with her 'provocative skills'.

In this play, Zhao Min, who she plays, is lively and smart without losing her pride. Zhang Wuji calls herself a "good sister" and Xiao Zhao a "little white rabbit". Netizens called out, 'Zhao Min is really the most provocative in the new version of the story of relying on heaven and killing dragons. He has decided to avoid it CP.'

'Zhao Min doesn't care about anything and isn't afraid, but she can't extricate herself from her endless love for Zhang Wuji' is incisively and vividly portrayed, which makes countless fans in the role circle.

Chen Yuqi met the heroine Tang Yan when filming the film "journey to the west 3". Later, she officially signed a contract and became the first batch of actors signed since the establishment of Tang Yan studio.

In the ancient costume palace duel drama Jinxiu Weiyang starring Tang Yan and Luo Jin, Chen Yuqi emerged as the charming and lovely nine Princess tuobadi.

Later, at the grand ceremony of Chinese TV drama quality, Chen Yuqi won the 'new drama star of the year' Award for her excellent performance in beautiful Weiyang. He also cooperated with Yang Zi, Deng Lun and Luo Yunxi in the hottest fairy Xia fantasy drama "fragrant honey sinks like frost" in 2018, and played the role of Liu Ying, a brave, kind-hearted Princess of the demon world with great general style.

In the latest version of the story of relying on heaven to kill dragons, Chen Yuqi's performance is also commendable. There is still a long way to go in the future. I hope Chen Yuqi can bring us more and more wonderful films and television