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Art boundless good voice singer liva shows her all-round strength

The beautiful and talented treasure singer Liwa can sing well, dance well, draw and create everything. She is really an excellent all-round player. People have to look at her paintings. On the occasion of the launch of China's good voice in 2019, as a good voice, the third season's senior sister liva also sent blessings to the new season one after another, looked forward to everyone's perfect performance, and said that she would make persistent efforts to show herself better.

If we say what time is, time is the best verification machine, which has verified all our growth. The biggest change between liva, who was pleasant to hear and good-looking five years ago, and now she is precipitated. She has become calm from a wind, fire and impatience. It is precisely because she has a deeper understanding of herself, knows how to concentrate on creation, and knows' don't forget her original intention '. She said she enjoyed the music festival very much, because the appeal, extreme enthusiasm and energetic interpretation of the Music Festival made her feel as if she had conquered all her self-confidence. She was different on the stage. On the stage, she expressed her love for music incisively and vividly. In 2019, China's good voice has been broadcast. As a senior sister, liva has great expectations for the new dreamers and expressed the hope that everyone can calm down, show the best themselves, seize the opportunity to show their characteristics and achieve the ideal results in everyone's hearts.

The all-round player Liwa also likes watching movies, fitness, fine books and painting. It's amazing to talk about painting. She can play freely as long as she has a pen in her hand, and calm her mind in this way. Whenever she sparks inspiration in the collision between painting and music, she can suddenly see the light, and she enjoys the process incomparably. Speaking of fans, she sincerely thanked everyone from all over the world for their support and love all the way. As she said, 'the change of life is instantaneous. Think clearly what you want, pursue it with your own ideas, love it, and walk with the most comfortable attitude. I hope everyone is good. You can. Come on. I will still & lsquo; I just love music. Don't tell me to stop;, Look forward to a better me. "