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Xu Dongdong took goods with coconut trees and coconut milk, and the 4 billion net black milk tea cou

The personal influence of stars is often regarded as the basis of their commercial value. Artists with traffic often receive endorsements for various products. However, each person's carrying capacity is different, and his influence on mass consumption is also different. After Xu Dongdong, a post-90s little Tsing Yi in the mainland, cooperated with the coconut tree and coconut milk in the beverage industry and became its spokesman, the sales volume of the brand soared for many years, exceeding 4 billion, Its huge amount has even aroused heated discussion among netizens. Unexpectedly, Xu Dongdong is the hidden queen of goods in the beverage industry?

In fact, coconut tree and coconut milk have a strong and delicate taste and fresh and mellow taste. It is a good choice for home standing drinks in hot summer. Xu Dongdong, the spokesman, is the familiar 'sister-in-law' Shen Jiawen in Yu sin and the 'cold cute silly sister' Sasha in Xihong's richest man. She looks warm and soft and has a hot body, giving people a feeling of 'looking';

Coconut juice is just like Xu Dongdong's temperament. It tastes sweet. You can feel the 'surprise' when you eat the pulp grains. It is a drink that is not greasy. With the hot sales of coconut juice, Xu Dongdong is gradually certified by netizens as the 'Queen of goods in the beverage industry'. When it comes to carrying goods, many people will think that the cooperation between public figures and manufacturers is only a pure interest relationship;

In fact, this is not the case. After receiving the endorsement product suitable for her, many artists will even spontaneously start to like this product. Xu Dongdong is a model. Her fate with coconut milk starts from many years ago. A few years ago, she was still an unknown newcomer. Being lucky to cooperate with coconut milk not only gave her confidence, but also accompanied her growth, Trust and affection gradually built up between them.

Being a spokesperson means having a sense of responsibility for the goods. The slogan "I drink big from childhood" comes from Xu Dongdong's unintentional but sincere love. It has become a constant slogan for coconut milk for many years. Now, coconut milk is the necessary drink for every family during the new year's festival;

In addition to being good to drink, coconut milk, an old brand that has been standing for 30 years, is also characterized by specificity and affection. Over the years, no matter how the packaging changes, what remains unchanged is the spokesperson and advertising language. It can be seen that coconut milk is really "a favorite" for Xu Dongdong. In recent years, with Xu Dongdong's popularity rising with the naked eye, coconut milk has also risen in popularity, 4 billion sales for several consecutive years, becoming the leader in the beverage industry;

In fact, Xu Dongdong and coconut milk can be said to achieve each other and complete the "win-win" cooperation between brands and stars. In fact, their cooperation is rare in the current highly competitive beverage industry. Nowadays, the types of drinks are growing and innovative;

Many 'net black milk tea series' have impacted the beverage industry, resulting in many traditional drinks having to be eliminated. However, with its pure taste unchanged for many years and the powerful driving force of the spokesman' sister-in-law 'Xu Dongdong, coconut milk is still indestructible in the beverage industry. I believe this trusted classic beverage will be better and better in the future.