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"July and an Sheng" hit Shen Yue, Chen Turin opens a new chapter in career growth (picture and text)

The topic drama of female emotional healing "July and an Sheng" is being broadcast exclusively by iqiyi. The drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Qingshan (Annie baby), starring Shen Yue, Chen Turing, Xiong Ziqi and Zou Tingwei, with Liang Jingkang in particular. In the latest series, an Sheng (Shen Yue) and July (Chen Turin) have suffered many tests in their girlfriends' emotions. The two strangers meet again in the workplace. A new round of growth competition has aroused the expectation of the audience.

The popularity of broadcasting has gradually increased. Although the comment on "Zhenxiang" is late, it arrives

Since the broadcast of "July and an Sheng", the public praise has continued to rise. Netizens have given high praise to the drama, "Shen Yue's crying drama is too good", "her best friend's emotion is too pricking", "it can definitely be called a masterpiece of wandering heart", "Golden sentences appear frequently and the plot is compact". The refreshing narrative style, the continuous high-energy famous scenes and the surprise performance of the actors all kept the audience's enthusiasm for chasing the drama rising. Many netizens who raised doubts before the broadcast shouted 'true fragrance' after reading it. Girlfriends have complex emotions and entanglements. The plot with laughter and tears infects many viewers.

Her best friend's emotions suffered double blows. Anson grew up in her workplace in July

In July and an Sheng, the plot of "high energy" continued last night. After growing up, an Sheng's entanglement with Jia Ming (Xiong Ziqi) in July was pointed out. Every sentence "greetings to Jia Ming" on the envelope finally became the lead to the break between his girlfriends. In order to maintain friendship and avoid love, Ansheng missed the last chance to see his mother. When she returned, she saw an Sheng's mother's portrait, from disbelief to collapse and cry, from accusation and complaint to regret and plead. Shen Yue grasped this freely retracted performance emotion gradually, accurately and clearly. Sitting on one's knees with fragile tears makes people particularly distressed. The infectious performance poked many audience tears.

Suffering makes people grow. In the updated content tonight, the picture of Ansheng walking out of pain and facing life bravely in July is moving: Ansheng, who once rebelled and fought, began to take his mother as an example, work hard, have clear goals and want to have a better life by himself; In the weak July, I began to learn to live for myself and seriously strive for every job opportunity. The two girls meet again in the workplace, and the new scene of re competition is also expected.

The characters have rich emotional details, and the plot touches the heart

July and an Sheng meticulously depicts the characters of an Sheng and July, connects the personality differences of the two girls with the differences of their native families, and actively pays attention to social topics. The well-being of single parent families lacks companionship, and the heroic feat of "the world is so big, I want to see it" is only to find a real "sense of belonging"; The happy July of childhood is full of inner security. It can release all goodwill for friendship and do its best for the people you love. The lives of the two girls are like mirror images, showing positive and negative effects. When they enter the workplace and stand on the same starting line, they take different ways to treat the same work, reflecting their different family environment and life experience, making the two roles real and vivid, and making their light and dark wrestling more attractive. In order to make the plot more realistic, the production team linked the growth story of an Sheng and July with the career experience of girls before 95. As director Cui Liang said: "there must be a lot of feelings about the workplace before 95. The workplace is not only a process of character hardening, but also a process of people's feelings growing through fission. Ansheng and the changes in July can't get rid of the workplace environment, so we don't avoid the workplace, but hope to bring forth the new." It can be seen that in the subsequent plot, the cooperation and confrontation between Anson and the promotion of the workplace in July will certainly resonate with many young people.

July and Ansheng is produced by iqiyi, Ningbo film and Television Art Co., Ltd., perfect world film and television, sky Galaxy film and Zhejiang Hualang Yixing film and television. From 20 o'clock every Monday to Thursday, I will see you at iqiyi.