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Elegant summer retro Greek style, showing super a good figure after delivery

This summer, looking back on the classics, retro style is popular. French retro elegance, British retro frankness and American retro modernity are all integrated into their daily wear by many young artists. Recently, the fashion bilingual host Wenya shared a group of portraits of midsummer on social media. While closely following the retro boom, he interpreted his own unique charm of 'ancient Greek style'. In the lens, she is in a European style retro architecture, wearing a lake blue chiffon high collar floor length skirt and a chain belt with unique shape at the waist. From elegant tone to soft design, people can't help but want the embodiment of elegant image in ancient Greek mythology.

Recently, Wenya also shared beautiful photos of bikini on her microblog. Wearing a pure white bikini, she coordinated with the swimming pool and white buildings, making people feel the coolness of summer, and the good proportion of nine heads and body is undoubtedly revealed. She also wrote that this is the first time to wear a swimsuit after giving birth to baby rainbow. Bikini is the most fashionable piece that tests women's figure. It is gentle and elegant. It has no pressure and no fat. It has a delicate sense of a girl. It can't be seen that gentle is a new mother who has just given birth. For netizens' how to get thinner 'questions, gentle and humorous response' control your mouth and open your legs'. After childbirth, gentle and elegant quickly restored to the proportion before pregnancy by adhering to exercise and adjusting diet. In fact, even during pregnancy, gentle has been keeping slim limbs through hard body management, which has become a benchmark for pregnant mothers. She has shared her experience and secret of maintaining body with pregnant mothers for many times, and has also become the driving force of pregnant mothers with beautiful photos and real cases. Self discipline has enabled her to maintain her beauty as always. The brilliance shown in front of the camera is the perfect result of her hard work during and after pregnancy. The best feedback is that she has become a perfect hot mother, intellectual, sexy and perfect.

It is not difficult to see her high taste as an 'it girl' in the fashion industry. Each set of modeling can interpret her own elegant charm, which is inseparable from her own upbringing and temperament. What she wears and wears is also the connotation she permeates in her bones. It is reported that Wenya has been cultivated by her mother's celebrities since she was young, and has achieved her perfect career and happy family in the future. She has proved that the better you are, the more wealth life will give back to you.