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"Shallow lover doesn't know" is strongly launched. Zhao Yixin and Zhang Zixuan master fight to captu

On July 24, it was jointly produced by Anhui Radio and television station, Fuqiang film and television production and drama wave film and television production, and joined by powerful actors such as Hu Yunhao, Corning, Zhao Yixin and Zhang Zixuan. The 50 episode urban emotional healing youth idol drama "shallow lover doesn't know" directed by famous director Cai Cong was officially registered on Anhui Satellite TV.

"Shallow lover doesn't know" is based on the collection of novels of the same name by popular creator Shi Xiaozha in Jinjiang. It focuses on the love of pet toy interior designer Zheng Dingding (Corning), and tells a very romantic love story. This time, in the TV series "shallow lovers don't know", Zhao Yixin plays Chen Pei, a young, promising and successful business elite. Chen Pei (Zhao Yixin) has been in love with Zheng Dingding for many years, but the sudden appearance of his ex girlfriend Wen Zixin (Zhang Zixuan) has led to many changes in the relationship between the two sides. Zheng Dingding lost confidence in this relationship and cut off her love. In order to recover Zheng Dingding, Chen Pei launched a very fierce attack. In the face of high-quality and multi gold Chen Pei, can Zheng Dingding change her mind? Please look forward to boss Chen's overbearing pursuit of love!

Zhao Yixin, a young actor, was deeply loved by fans for his excellent acting skills in the TV series Dugu Aotian. As an actor who has attracted much attention in the performing arts industry, he has starred in many large-scale film and television dramas. In the recently popular online drama "mobile forces", he has attracted the eyes with the unique charm of ghost Tim. This time 'Chen Pei' plays any role image different from that in the past in "shallow lover doesn't know". How he will choose between the two emotional lines will be a major attraction in the play. We look forward to his wonderful interpretation.

The original novel of "shallow lover doesn't know" has a popularity value of 210 million on Jinjiang literature network, and has a huge fan base. Chen's unforgettable ex girlfriend Wen Zixin (Zhang Zixuan) also carries the expectations of many fans.

The new generation of flower Zhang Zixuan in "shallow lover doesn't know" plays a 'Royal sister model' who can overcome hardness with softness and has a very superb stage. She is a girl with an enviable appearance and strong purpose. Whether it is the beautiful 'Daji' and lovely 'Xiaoduan' in Fengshen Zhanji or the calm 'Li Ezi' in Dugu Aotian, Zhang Zixuan has perfectly demonstrated her super role shaping power. The supermodel Wen Zixin played in "shallow lover doesn't know" can't help but make people look forward to it.

On July 24, the TV series "shallow lover doesn't know" was officially broadcast on Anhui Satellite TV. With the development of the plot, more and more secrets will emerge. What kind of unexpected performance will the two excellent actors have in the subsequent plot? Please wait and see!