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"Dear and beloved" Su Cheng's good clothes attracted a lot of attention when he went abroad (picture

Produced by huazekton's drama cool communication, directed by Xiang Xujing, and starring Yang Zi, Li Xian and Wang lejun, the TV series "dear love" is popular on Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV. The play is adapted from Mo Bao's non Bao novel stewed squid with honey, which tells the sweet love story of the lovely girl Tong Nian falling in love with the computer genius Han Shangyan at first sight. Actor Wang lejun plays Su Cheng, the KK leader of intellectual elegance in the play. His elegant intellectual style is impressive.

Gentle, smart and dignified, Wang lejun deduces the intellectual female team leader

In the play, Su Cheng successfully left an image of a strong woman in the hearts of the audience with a smart and capable image and clean language. After work, Su Cheng is still the bosom sister of the team. She takes the team to play games all over the world and takes care of their daily life. Therefore, after Su Cheng leaves the team, every member of the team is very reluctant to give up. In the later stage, when facing her daughter, Su Cheng's warm behavior of soft voice also showed women's tenderness and love in place.

The dressing in Wang lejun's play has also aroused heated discussion among netizens. The comfortable and eye-catching Morandi color dressing and dressing integrates ability, softness and leisure elegance, and perfectly shows the dressing style of working women. Many good-looking and practical shapes have made many netizens comment that 'the temperament is too good, the shape is very attentive'.

Both inside and outside the play are fashionable. Wang lejun honed his acting skills and kept his original heart

Fashionable costumes change constantly in the play, and Wang lejun outside the play also has his own dressing style, comfortable, casual, young, light, familiar and gentle little woman. Its changeable style can be used for reference by both novices and veterans who have worked for many years.

In recent years, Wang lejun has also made great efforts to try different types of performances, from the pretender to the hunting ground, from the surgeon to the song of Mars, and from my dear beloved to the desperate casting sword. The themes and styles are diverse and the roles change greatly. Wang lejun honed his acting skills in these works, did not forget the original intention of the actors, focused on shaping the roles, and expected Wang lejun to bring us more good works in the future.