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Chen Hanlin won the honor of "Hanlin day" in Houston, and his new song "the agreement given by the w

On July 22, the first personal single of 17-year-old rookie singer Chen Hanlin, the agreement given by the wind, was launched on major music platforms. Once the song was launched, it was highly praised. On the day of release, it rose to the top of the popularity list of a music platform. This song is made by the famous music producer teacher Li Quan personally and specially tailored for Chen Hanlin. It matches Chen Hanlin's ethereal and pure voice with beautiful lyrics and melody, giving the audience a refreshing feeling and stabbing people's hearts. During the production of the song, teacher Li Quan praised Chen Hanlin many times as a very talented singer, which brought her a lot of surprises.

Although "the agreement given by the wind" is the first single released by Chen Hanlin, the female singer who is about to turn 18 has a very high degree of completion of the song. In addition to the affirmation of Mr. Li Quan, Du Lisa, a star teacher and famous singer in Hong Kong, also praised it. In fact, Chen Hanlin's talent in music should benefit from her deep musical literacy. She began to learn music, piano and dance at the age of eight and studied vocal music from teacher Du Lisa. She has repeatedly won good places in overseas Chinese singing competitions. In 2017, she took the first place in the youth group of Houston division to represent the 'cultural China & middot' held in Beijing; The water cube Cup 'overseas Chinese Chinese song competition passed all the way and finally won the fifth place in the top 30 of the 50 contestants. To this end, Sylvester Turner, mayor of Houston, sent a congratulatory letter to Chen Hanlin on March 17, 2017, congratulating and thanking her for her achievements and the honor she has brought to Houston, and specially established this day as' Hanlin day '. This is also a great affirmation and recognition of Chen Hanlin's music.

It is reported that Chen Hanlin's first single has also received the support and blessing of many senior teachers such as famous singers Meng Tingwei, Weng Hong, Dong Xuan and Tian Li. The development of music needs more new faces and new blood. Let's give the new singer more expectations and blessings.