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Dear, beloved Yang Zi and Li are now on a sweet trip, and their youth shines more because of their d

The warm love drama "dear, beloved" is being broadcast on Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV, and iqiyi and Tencent videos are being updated simultaneously. The drama is produced by huazekton's drama cool communication, adapted from Mo Bao's non Bao novel "stewed squid with honey", starred by Yang Zi, Li Xian, etc. " Tong Yan and his wife 'finally reconciled with the full expectation of the audience, and will soon open the peace of mind mode from sweet to the grand finale. While the youth's dream journey of burning blood is still going on, "dear, love" invites you to witness the heat and brilliance of this summer.

Tong Nian Han Shangyan's sweet trip to Suzhou

The audience looked forward to the stars and the moon, and finally to the reconciliation between Tong Nian (Yang Zi) and Han Shangyan (Li Xian). Although the little couple's relationship is getting better and better, Han Shangyan is not easy to pass in his mother-in-law. When accompanying grandpa Han back to Suzhou to visit relatives, Tong Nian and Han Shangyan sneaked away from their relatives, avoided Tong Nian's mother's' attention 'and quietly enjoyed their world. God gun turned into an all-round boyfriend and played chess with the village master to win many love drinks for Tong Nian. When traveling by boat to the lake, he played the guitar and sang to Tong Nian & hellip& hellip; Straight man turns on the romantic switch, Fancy Pet girlfriend is difficult to parry. The waterside pavilion, with willows and willows, is fresh and eye-catching. The most beautiful picture in the poster of "sweet summer" is that two people sit side by side. I believe that the next plot can bring healing and sweetness to the audience who were abused by the breakup of "Tongyan couple" before.

Dream chasing youth are full of blood and go up in the wind

Since Tong Nian entered the world of Han Shangyan, he not only warmed Gao Leng, but also made his relationship with Grandpa Han more and more harmonious. Han Shangyan, who has endured criticism for many years alone, has been understood by his grandfather. He and his grandson lose their embarrassment, no longer duplicity, and open their hearts to show their concern and love for each other. Han Shangyan's teammate Mi Shaofei (Li Hongqi) also received the encouragement and recognition of his family. With strong backing, they continue to pursue their dreams more freely and easily. The former solo team members, such as Han Shangyan and Wang Hao (Li Zefeng), dared to think and do when they were young. The honing of years made them mature, but did not erase the young childlike heart. Even if they no longer fight side by side, they also move towards the common goal through their own ways, and set up K and SP teams to compete on behalf of China, hoping to win the world championship trophy for China. As Wen Wei Po commented: "some people just have dreams all their life and are full of blood."《 Dear, beloved hopes to use TV dramas as a bridge to spread the positive energy of pursuing dreams, infect and drive more aspiring young people, light up youth with dreams, and bloom in the best years.