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Check the popular online dramas in summer! Petition order 12 hour town soul remaining sin, 2 people

Every summer vacation, chasing dramas is an indispensable pastime for contemporary people. The number of online dramas launched this year seems to be more "fierce" than in previous years. The soaring ratings also make the popularity and charm of the stars soar. Recently, the popular "petition order" and "Chang'an 12:00" have been on the air for less than a month, The popularity almost caught up with the soul of the town and the remaining sin, which were popular all over the network. It is said that each of these fire dramas is popular with 2 people. Let's check who they have today!

"Petition order" Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are very popular

The ancient costume sci-fi drama "Chen Qingling", starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, is currently being broadcast alone on Tencent video. The drama has won super high ratings because of its rich plot content and distinctive character personality. So far, it has exceeded 2 billion hits;

Among them, Wei Wuxian, played by Xiao Zhan, and LAN Qiji, played by Wang Yibo, formed "Qiaoxian CP", whose appearance is against the sky, and their acting skills are constantly recognized. The excellent performances of the two actors are extremely vivid. The popularity of "Chen Qingling" has made Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo soar from unknown newcomers and become popular at present.

Twelve hours of Chang'an: Yi Shuai, Qian Xi, Lei Jiayin, complementary roles

Twelve hours of Chang'an, starring Lei Jiayin and Yi Gaiqian Xi, tells the story of heroes who took place in Chang'an, the capital of the ancient Tang Dynasty. Yi Gaiqian Xi's first role in costume is a major attraction of the play. In addition, the cooperation with Lei Jiayin is more expected by the audience;

Li Bi, who is easy to close a thousand seals, and Zhang Xiaojing, who is Lei Jiayin. The former is intelligent and cold, and the latter is strong, brave and energetic. The complementarity of the two characters just suits the actor's own temperament, and the plot is also very wonderful! The play hit a new high in the audience rating of the whole platform. It is easy to close Qianxi and Lei Jiayin, and even 'fire abroad', and the acting skills are highly praised.

Soul of the town: Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu are still hot

Last year's popular "zhenhun CP" came from the popular online drama "zhenhun". Among them, Shen Wei, played by Zhu Yilong, and Zhao Yunlan, played by Bai Yu, not only experienced a thousand twists and turns in the play, but with the popularity of the play, the popularity of the two actors soared, and so far, the popularity has not decreased at all;

From last year to this year, netizens can still see the full sense of faith as actors in Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu. "Zhenhun" is known as the "dark horse of 2018 online drama". Many netizens said: they are looking forward to seeing their cooperation again.

"Yu sin" Zhang Yishan and Xu Dongdong's "too real"

When it comes to the originator of the online drama, I have to mention the remaining sin. The starring Zhang Yishan and Xu Dongdong gained huge popularity and popularity after the play was broadcast. Zhang Yishan became popular again, and her acting skills were highly appreciated, while Xu Dongdong became popular overnight. She played 'sister-in-law' Shen Jiawen, which was amazing. She was charming, moving, cold and capable in the play;

Xu Dongdong has correct facial features and strong plasticity. She has no sense of disobedience in controlling 'gangster women'. Her rival play with Zhang Yishan as Yu sin has been praised by netizens as' too real ', and her image of' sister-in-law 'is deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience;

The charm and influence of online dramas are very strong. From Zhang Yishan, Xu Dongdong, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong to today's Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, Yi Xiangqian Xi and Lei Jiayin, each play will be fire. They are indeed a divine 'law'! Have you seen all the popular online dramas in the summer, such as the petition order, the twelfth hour of Chang'an, the soul of the town and the remaining sin?