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Fang Song was appointed as the director of China Ink Painting Association. The Painting Association

Fang Song, formerly known as Fang Huisheng, was born in Yunxiao County, Fujian Province. At present, he lives in Beijing. He is currently the judge of the first culture and art competition of the Gold Coin Corporation of the people's Bank of China and the director of China Ink Painting Association. Fang Song's father was engaged in lacquer painting, and Fang Song was influenced by it since he was a child. He often followed his father to work in various temples and cultural relics. Under the influence of his father's art, he became interested in painting.

During the University, he chose oil painting as his specialty, and graduated from the Art Department of Fujian Normal University in 1999. In order to pursue art, Fang Song chose Beijing as a platform and set up his own studio in Beijing to devote himself to oil painting creation.

From his oil paintings, I can feel the taste of oil painting and lacquer art. Fang Song has a certain research on Buddhism. He is kind-hearted and looks at the world from a loving perspective. In his paintings, the portraits of children are particularly prominent, and the eyes of the characters are clear and simple, conveying his pursuit of life. His paintings are clean and clear, giving people a sense of freshness.

Another unique feature of Fang Song's oil paintings is that the painting method is image realism. Image is something that is virtual and actually realistic. A good combination of the two requires more ideas to draw God and show its connotation.

When he paints, he will use guqin music as the background music to create a special atmosphere of Chinese classical culture, so as to have a very relaxed working environment. When he paints, he will consciously paint more loosely, while painting in some places is more realistic. Enjoy the performance of his thoughts and ideas, his paintings are natural and alive.