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Zhang Ge's "dear and beloved" is popular and interacts with Li Xian and Yang Zi. Cute and crying net

The warm heart sweet favorite play "dear, beloved" starring Yang Zi, Li Xian, Hu Yitian and Zhang Ge is on the air. Based on the Mo Bao non Bao novel stewed squid with honey, the play tells a sweet and cute dream love story with high IQ and high Eq. Zhang Ge plays the role of clever little AI in the play.

Xiao AI is the daughter of SP team leader solo / Wang Hao (Li Zefeng) and K team leader Su Cheng (Wang lejun). Due to the original family, Xiao AI is a little rebellious, but she cares about her father solo who raised herself. In the play, Xiao ai not only acts as the God assistant of 'Tongyan couple', but also plays an important role in the atmosphere of the play. As the only person in the play who dares to stand up to Han Shangyan (Li Xian), Xiao AI won the attention of many netizens as soon as she appeared. Among them, the fancy connection between her and Han Shangyan often made netizens laugh and laugh. They lamented that "Han Shangyan who quarreled with Xiao AI feels much more lively" and "Xiao AI is just, admire". In addition, the interaction between Xiao AI and Tong Nian is also a lot of cute points. The two people talk frequently, laugh constantly, and cry netizens. In order to convince Tong Nian to like his father, ai not only listed many advantages of solo, but also pushed the plot to a climax that night. Sheng Sheng put # Han Shangyan's foot odor # this topic at the top of the hot search list of a platform. Many netizens went to Zhang Ge's microblog and said, 'you are a senior of Han Shangyan & lsquo; Black powder & rsquo; Well, it's funny, '' I like your little AI too much. Full score for assists'. In addition, Xiao AI also publicly recommended his father solo to Tong Nian, 'my father is good and doesn't earn less than someone'. His words are short and concise, which successfully aroused the sense of crisis of Han Shangyan and made a great contribution to the reconciliation of 'Tongyan couple'. No wonder netizens call Xiao AI 'King of golden sentences' and' God assists'.

Although he is only 12 years old this year, Zhang Ge vividly and naturally interprets the funny interaction between Xiao AI and Han Shangyan, Tong Nian, the admiration with his father solo, and the awkward misunderstanding with his mother Su Cheng. The image of a clever little girl leaps before his eyes. No wonder after the play, many netizens shouted 'Xiao AI's acting skills are too good, so natural', 'I didn't expect that Xiao AI's acting skills should be so good at her youngest age'. In fact, Zhang Ge has been an "old drama bone" in many film and television works. TV dramas such as August Weiyang, your name, my last name and shining girl have played important roles. In TV dramas such as our innocent age, the best family, the city of amnesia and cinema films such as surprised door, doomsday redemption and broken dream game, Ge Ge also has good performance. We look forward to Zhang Ge's Xiao AI bringing us more wonderful performances in the next plot.