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"City without owner" starts broadcasting today. Dai Xu opens the adventure of desolate city (picture

Directed by Zhao Tianyu, with Xu Su and Wang Xiaohan as screenwriters, the suspense adventure online drama "ownerless city" starring Du Chun, Liu Yijun, Xu Lingyue and Dai Xu will be broadcast at 20:00 tonight. The play tells the story of a passenger on a train who mistakenly enters the ruins of the city and embarks on a desperate adventure under the lack of materials and dangers. Among them, Ning Yu, played by Dai Xu, is a legal reporter. He and his friend Luo ran entered the city to track the suspect Jiang Xue.

Desolate city adventure desperate situation heart guard Dai Xu enters the city to open the assist mode

In this desolate city where people are in danger, Ning Yu played by Dai Xu has undoubtedly become a warm current in the play. He not only has full brotherly loyalty to Luo ran, but also gives him a lot of support and help in the process of tracking Jiang Xue; Peers also uphold the attitude of helping others if they can, which can be described as the 'strongest assists'.

As the main character throughout the play, Ning Yu's every move affects the hearts of the audience. In the previously exposed trailer, Dai Xu's eyes are sometimes sharp and sometimes frightened. The change in his eyes seems to indicate that the plot will appear in front of the audience in a more exciting way, which also adds a lot of mystery to the adventure play.

The plot is high-energy, ups and downs, and the turning point of Ning Yu's characters is expected

Dai Xu, who graduated from the Central Academy of drama, is well known by the audience for the role of Guo Yu in the crime of undocumented. He plays the lawyer who is weak in the early stage and black in the late stage. In the TV dramas Tiansheng long song and entrepreneurial era, Chang Zhongxin and Jincheng, who he plays, are also widely praised for their strong contrast and natural character transformation. After filming for many years, Dai Xu has been steady, based on the role and grew up in the role. Although the role inevitably makes people 'hate teeth itch', his own efforts and solid have made him a good actor recognized by the audience.

In the city without owner, Dai Xu will also continue to show his multifaceted acting skills in his role. In the interview, he once revealed that 'ning Yu has many turning points and is a very complex character'. He appears in front of the audience again as an anti transformation character. What breakthrough will he make this time? In this test of ups and downs, will Ning Yu, who faces multiple choices, change his camp? Will there be a rift between his brother and Luo ran? All these need to find answers in the play. Starting from July 24, every Wednesday to Friday at 20:00 p.m., we will start this heart learning journey with Dai Xu.