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Xiao Qiang's active life is the secret of beauty

Recently, a group of riding photos of Xiao Qiang have been exposed. The whole person is in a very good state. She also seems to have a full sense of girlishness. She is worthy of being "the first goddess of Taiwan". In the photo, Xiao Qiang looks full of vitality with a simple T-shirt and Black Slim pants.

It can be seen that Xiao Qiang's riding skills are very skilled. She is full of heroism on the back of the horse. She should often practice equestrian. I have to admire the goddess's perseverance and the ability to learn new things and explore new things. In life, she is really a girl who loves life and is very positive.

Not long ago, Xiao Qiang triggered a heated discussion on the whole network because of proper body maintenance. She once revealed that sports and a positive attitude are the secret of keeping her young. After seeing this group of photos, her words are further verified. A positive attitude and a relaxed lifestyle will really make people feel happy and maintain a good state.