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Zhang Zhaohui's Taobao live broadcast debut with a male god of goods opens the "popularity explosion

With online shopping becoming more and more popular, Taobao live broadcast is not only one of the most popular sales promotion methods for major sellers, but also the most accessible shopping way for the majority of consumers. On July 21, Hong Kong actor Zhang Zhaohui visited Taobao to broadcast the live broadcast of "male god life school". Through the live broadcast of online communication with netizens and fans, he opened the "popular single mode". The atmosphere was lively. Zhang Zhaohui in a black shirt looked full and in full state. He changed into a "male god with goods" in a cool and handsome shape.

Zhang Zhaohui's live debut should be handled freely

The life of artists is not completely different from that of ordinary people. Many variety shows and the daily vlog of stars often give fans the opportunity to approach Aidou's life and see its ordinary side. The live broadcast is also one of the network platforms close to idols. From 20:00 to 22:00 on July 21, a two-hour live broadcast of Taobao invited Zhang Zhaohui, a famous actor in Hong Kong, In the process of Taobao live recording for the first time, many netizens were attracted by their appearance, clothes and elegant conversation.

As a 'consumer' mobile shopping platform, the users of Taobao live broadcast are mostly women, accounting for about 80%. This high proportion has just become a major advantage of inviting artists to live broadcast. Although Zhang Zhaohui participated in Taobao live broadcast for the first time, he had no stage fright and outstanding temperament. He signed commodities on the spot, gave gifts to netizens through the platform and interacted with fans & hellip& hellip; Zhang Zhaohui, who has a full face value online and a burst of EQ, not only responds freely, but also directly 'grows grass' many new products to netizens, making the voice of fans particularly high.

Zhang Zhaohui's fashion is praised as "inverse growth"

The driving force of star actors can not be underestimated. Nowadays, many artists promote their partners through endorsement or live broadcast, and its communication effect is extremely remarkable. Zhang Zhaohui appeared in Taobao live broadcast this time. The pure black shirt is very eye-catching and matched with black casual pants. The whole is clean and refreshing without losing masculinity. Netizens keep saying "too stylish" on the bullet screen 'I hope Huige can broadcast more live', and I want the signature on Huige to bid 1000. Zhang Zhaohui, who knows how to wear and wear, has high aesthetics and keeps up with the fashion trend, is certified as a 'man God with goods'.

With stylish clothes and three-dimensional facial features, Zhang Zhaohui still retains the name of "no old man God" after his debut for many years. He is in full state in the live broadcast of Taobao and praised by fans for "inverse growth". In addition, all the clothes displayed through this live broadcast have become the favorite items of netizens, and some even said: I want Huige's signature shirt! On the 21st, the live broadcast was full of people's temperament. Driven by Zhang Zhaohui, the "popularity explosion single mode" was gradually opened. Netizens changed from "being Amway" to "seeking the same money", the consumer enthusiasm index soared, and the charm of male god Zhang Zhaohui was unstoppable.