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The audience of "Fire Hero" roadshow in Shenzhen shouted that Zhang zhehan was definitely the bigges

On July 19, the film "heroes of fire" held an advanced screening in Shenzhen. Director Chen Guohui, starring Zhang zhehan and Huang Xiaoming attended the scene in person. When I saw the trailer before, I felt very moving. After watching the film this time, I felt even more shocked. In particular, Zhang zhehan, who plays Zheng Zhi, almost didn't recognize his disheartened face in the film. He was far from the handsome royal highness of the king of Qin in his impression. He was even different from the smiling little brother white T who came to the scene! However, many audiences at the scene said that Zhang zhehan's acting skills were super real, and he was moved to tears many times, which can be said to be the biggest surprise of the film. When Zhang zhehan introduced himself, the audience applauded warmly, which shows his high popularity.

It is reported that before the shooting of the film, several leading stars went to the fire brigade for a month's training to eat and live with firefighters. Recalling this experience, actor Zhang zhehan, who plays fireman Zheng Zhi, said, "I lived next door to the fire brigade at that time. I can deeply feel the positive energy and sunshine of firemen. The purpose of their daily training is to protect other people's property, family and motherland. This belief also infected me, Let me become a part of them through this month, and then fight with them. " Zhang zhehan himself is also very fond of this role. He said on his microblog that this is his first film in ten years. He is lucky to play a firefighter in his first film role. Maybe you've seen this handsome face in the TV series. This time he appeared in the film is really amazing and wonderful. In order not to spoil the spoilers, I won't say much here, but we must go and see it. We won't let you down! Finally, I would like to remind you that as Zhang zhehan said at the roadshow, we should pay attention to preventing fires in our daily life, avoid putting firefighters in danger, and give them more time to accompany their families.