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Xuan's live debut is popular and admits to breaking up and returning to single status

Recently, the famous actor Ye Xuan was invited to broadcast live on an Internet platform, incarnating as the 'Queen with goods'. During the live broadcast, it can be seen that ye Xuan is in good condition, with a live viewing volume of 1.43 million people, and the data is very considerable. During the live broadcast, she was frequently questioned about her love life by the anchor. Ye Xuan also generously admitted that she had peacefully broken up with Mr. Xiaomo the day before the live broadcast. At present, she is single. This remark immediately aroused heated discussion. Then ye Xuan said the reasons for the Breakup: they are at different stages of life, have different needs for feelings, and are limited by time and distance, The final choice to end this relationship is a deliberate decision.

However, after the whole live broadcast, dedicated Ye Xuan did not affect her work status because of emotional problems. On the contrary, she always maintained full vitality, actively interacted with netizens, and shared her skin care tips with everyone. She was praised as' grounded '. Ye Xuan is upright, independent, strong and beautiful. In the face of feelings and public doubts, ye Xuan generously said, "I wish each other all the best, and I still look forward to love." The answer of high EQ in conversation can be regarded as a model of women in the new era.

From Xueba of Wellesley university to the debut of Miss International Chinese after winning the championship, and then to the flower star of TVB, ye Xuan's acting career has opened all the way, relying on the mysterious' Shangguan Begonia 'in the first in the world, the stubborn and affectionate witch' Li Shengnan 'in the sea of clouds and jade bow, and the moving ancient talented woman' Meng Lijun 'in the fate of regeneration, Deeply loved by the audience. Ye Xuan has a lot of scenes in which women dress up as men in the play. She looks classical but has a bit of heroism. When she changes into women's clothes, she looks different. She is natural and playful. Her appearance is SA and beautiful. She is very flexible in her interpretation. There are many scenes of women disguised as men in film and television works, but many women disguised as men are very embarrassed, while ye Xuan has created many popular classic roles with her exquisite acting skills and heroic appearance, which is considered difficult to be surpassed by many fans.

Since entering the film and television industry, ye Xuan has invested great enthusiasm. From small screen to large screen, from rebirth fate, the first in the world to eavesdropping on Fengyun 3 and accident, ye Xuan has created countless classic roles. Facing the honor under the spotlight, in recent years, she has shifted her focus to behind the scenes as producer, producer The screenwriter continues to work in the film and television industry《 The ninth widow, Athena, the purple hairpin and Pandora's secret are all popular works. The TV play the ninth widow, adapted from Yan Geling's novel, is Ye Xuan's first work as producer, producer and screenwriter. It has not only made good achievements in the industry, but also made her a hot screenwriter. As a screenwriter, she has been committed to presenting better content, from the cast to the script. In this regard, ye Xuan said, "in addition to acting, I also hope to pass on beautiful things to more audiences as a screenwriter or producer, which is the source power of my acting and creation." As a public figure, ye Xuan always adheres to her original intention as an actor, allowing the audience to see more possibilities in her.

It is understood that the TV series "in the name of the father", starring Ye Xuan and Yu Zhen, will soon meet you and look forward to a new role!