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Wei Zheming's when she's in love comes to an end, and his subsequent works are worth looking forward

The urban love drama when she is in love, directed by Qin Zhen and starring He Hua, Wang Ruichang and Wei Zheming, has come to an end. Since its launch, Tang Haoyun, played by Wei Zheming, has been constantly talking about such special topics as elegant suit killing, doting on younger brothers and sisters, sour secret love and so on, which has won the love of many viewers. After the frustration of love, career setbacks and family contradictions, Tang Haoyun's story has come to an end.

As the eldest son of his family, Tang Haoyun made great efforts in the company and was bold and wise in the market in order to be recognized by his father; The big brother at home cares about his brother and sister. In love, he is a gentle and fragile secret lover, meticulous and careful, but such love is more bitter. In addition, Tang Haoyun has been joked by netizens as "what a miserable man". With his natural and smooth acting skills, Wei Zheming has been recognized by many audiences and has become one of the hot topics at the end of the ceremony.

Since his debut, the film and television works starring Wei Zheming, such as dragon day one, you're dead, the road from tonight, my wonderful boyfriend 2, have left a deep impression on everyone《 When she is in love comes to an end, Wei Zheming will meet the audience with many other works. The first love of senior girls by song Qian and song Weilong is sweet and interesting. Extreme rescue shows the intense blood of the extreme rescue team. The drama is hot before it is broadcast. The follow-up of actor Wei Zheming is expected.