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Goodbye to the future Gao Tian ends: goodbye to Jiang Lai Hello, Li Mengmeng

This summer has passed quietly for nearly a month. I believe you will not ignore such a "fresh and refined" online play. Goodbye to the future, starring Li Mengmeng and Luo Bin, has officially come to an end recently. Since its launch, the play has been romantic and beautiful, the "high sweet warning" of men and women, and the high-level performance skills of the actors, In particular, the reporter Jiang Lai played by the hostess Li Mengmeng was highly praised by netizens, so Li Mengmeng also got the title of "sweet girlfriend".

At the end of the plot, Han Xi (Luo Bin) who went to Hongmei village alone to collect evidence was kidnapped to the old factory. At this time, Jiang Lai (Li Mengmeng) stepped forward, resolved the crisis with wit and courage, and jointly saved the poisoned children. After this incident, Jiang Lai, a "cowardly" in Jiang's mother's eyes, finally grew up and could face the dark forces independently. He returned to the social information department again and decided to assume more responsibilities. The final voice over of the play 'the game begins' also indicates that the story is not over and will continue. We also look forward to Jiang Lai played by Li Mengmeng in the second season to bring more surprises to the audience.

Many people began to pay attention to Li Mengmeng because of the handsome 'nan God' Cheng Yanan in the youth fighting drama sweet critical hit. In fact, Li Mengmeng, who came from a professional background, has participated in many film and television works in recent years, including Li Hong, the 'Kung Fu Girl' in China's Travels: the mystery of the iron faced man, Li Hong, the 'beauty thief' Yu Xia in the peerless thief, and the charming moon Feng in the blade, Each different role is both a breakthrough and a challenge.

She is also known as the 'post-90s action actress' because Li Mengmeng never used doubles to shoot action plays, and all went to battle in person, trying to present the most real picture for the audience. She has always insisted on sports, and has always kept herself in good physical condition, making her filming more handy. It is understood that Li Mengmeng is currently engaged in the shooting of a new play. I believe that such a hard-working girl will bring you a bright new work. Please look forward to it.