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God assists《 Dear love, Zhang Ge's online netizen Qi Hu wants to take a group photo

Starring Yang Zi, Li Xian, Li Hongqi and Li Zefeng, Hu Yitian plays a special role, and Wang lejun's warm heart and sweet favorite drama "dear, love" has been on the air at 19:30 every night since July 9. The play is adapted from the Mo Bao non Bao novel stewed squid with honey. It tells that Tong Nian, a soft cute girl, fell in love with Han Shangyan, a hot-blooded young man at first sight, and staged a sweet cute dream love story with high IQ and high Eq. Among them, Zhang Ge plays the role of clever little AI.

AI is the daughter of SP team leader solo / Wang Hao (Li Zefeng) and K team leader Su Cheng (Wang lejun). Because Xiao AI suffered from hearing impairment since childhood and was raised by her father in a single parent family environment, her character is slightly rebellious compared with girls of the same age, but she still doesn't lose the playful, lovely, pure and kind-hearted children of this age. In the latest drama series, AI and Han Shangyan (Li Xian) often quarrel with each other when they disagree. Among them, in order to let Xiao AI accompany Su Cheng to the amusement park, Han Shangyan staged a 'great method of exciting generals' to let Xiao AI take the bait, but he didn't expect to be' excited 'by Xiao AI to go together. Their' battle of wits and courage 'made people laugh and cry. It was almost against each other. In order to give the 'Tongyan couple' time alone, AI called on everyone to go boating together and staged a wave of divine assists. He took group photos and sent them to the circle of friends of Han Shangyan and Tong Nian sitting on the same boat, which aroused heated discussion among many netizens, 'AI's assists are too strong' and 'I want to see the group photos of AI's circle of friends', In one fell swoop, the group photo # of Tong Yan and his wife who # wanted to be photographed by Xiao AI ranked second in the hot search of a platform. The amount of discussion increased sharply, and many netizens left a message 'I hope Xiao AI will continue to assist Tong Yan and his wife'.

It is reported that Zhang Ge once played Xiao Weiyang in the TV series August Weiyang, Xiao Lianxin in your name and my last name, and Ying Zi, a folk erhu musician in shining girl. In the drama broadcast tonight, AI continues to interact with Han Shangyan and Tong Nian. What kind of funny stories and sharp golden sentences did they say? Let's look forward to tonight's play.