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Zhang Haiyu's "Chen Xiyuan" starts broadcasting, and Si Ming is forced to deduce "immortal" love

Chen Xiyuan, an ancient costume myth drama starring Chen pengwanli, Li Dongxue and Zhang Zhixi, is being broadcast by iqiyi. It is reported that the play tells the legendary story of jiuchen (Zhang Zhen) and Lingxi (Ni Ni) who have gone through all kinds of hardships and twists and turns, still firmly protect the common people and stick to the love of Chihou. In the seventh episode, the Sima played by actor Zhang Haiyu was forced to tease, and the interaction with the thirteen Fairies (Na Guangzi) made people laugh. In the face of the courtship of former brothers who turned into daughters, Sima was so nervous that golden sentences appeared frequently, and the happy enemies became the "laughing point and burden" in the play.

Zhang Haiyu's Si Ming, who is in charge of the mortal life book, seems serious, but it's funny and humorous. In Episode 7, his emotional line is also beginning to take shape. Many years ago, the brother who talked to him turned into a daughter and expressed his love to him. He hoped to 'become a partner' with him. He was so frightened that he didn't know what to do and hid when he saw him. Under the continuous questioning of the suitor 13, Si Ming came up with a golden sentence: 'where do you like me? Where you like me, I'll change it. " Who knows thirteen witty answer: 'I like you to live!' Si Minggang wanted to make it clear that he could correct it, but he could only hold back one sentence and said with an embarrassed smile, 'in fact, I really like my point.' This refusal is not tantamount to being teased, and the dialogue is also listed as a 'classic' by netizens.

Although the steward still calls thirteen's old name "Shishan brother" from time to time, and can't fully accept his daughter's identity for the time being, the "sketch style" interaction between this happy enemy often makes the audience laugh and call "together!" We must give the opportunity to be pursued. We must accept the love keepsake, meet regularly and keep in touch. The girl must respond when she says' goodbye '& hellip& hellip; The 'pursued' of Si Ming is completely in a passive situation. There is no way to take the lovely and active thirteen fairies. Netizens even began to predict that Si Ming's' chasing his wife crematorium 'will become the fate of' strict wife management '. The' fairy 'love also has the sweetness and troubles of ordinary human beings, which makes people laugh.

Actor Zhang Haiyu this is the first time to challenge the role of mythological drama, but his performance is commendable. His drama performance experience has created sufficient space for him to try film and television dramas. His comedy talent has also given a unique charm and joy to the role of Si Ming. It is expected that the 'immortal love' between Si Ming and the thirteen fairies will go!