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An Yixuan, Rainie Yang, Tang Yixin. Which girl doesn't envy such fairy tale love

In 2019, the entertainment industry has had many happy events since the beginning of the new year. Recently, there have been many good things. Li Ronghao, who has been in love for five years, successfully proposed to his girlfriend Rainie Yang. The day of his proposal happened to be Li Ronghao's 34th birthday, which is of great significance. Zhang Xiaochen also recently announced the good news. He married his girlfriend outside the circle, Ma Tianyu and Wang Chuanjun as the best man. The scene was not lively. An Yixuan, who is about to be promoted to mother, and Tang Yixin, who has just got married, have fairy tale love that many girls envy. Let's make an inventory one by one!

July 11 was Li Ronghao's 34th birthday. He announced his successful proposal to Rainie Yang on his microblog, which immediately triggered a heated debate.

Since the end of 2014, Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have had frequent online and offline interactions. Rainie Yang's agent responded that they are just friends who can talk, while Chen Zeshan, Warner records where Li Ronghao is located, revealed that they are in an ambiguous stage.

In February 2015, Li Ronghao posted intimate photos with Rainie Yang on his microblog, but then deleted them, which once again attracted speculation about their relationship.

In June 2015, Li Ronghao sent birthday wishes to Rainie Yang at zero point. In July 2015, Rainie Yang also sent birthday wishes to Li Ronghao at zero point on time and sprinkled sugar generously. Every birthday after that is no exception.

On September 21, 2015, Li Ronghao admitted his love affair with Rainie Yang for the first time when recording the program.

On September 16, 2017, at the concert, Li Ronghao hugged his girlfriend Rainie and offered a kiss.

Without warning, Rainie Yang was kissed with a distorted face. At the afterwards celebration banquet, Li Ronghao revealed her mood at that time: 'I don't know, I don't think much in my brain & hellip( My girlfriend was taken ugly photos) all blame me, all blame me. " The desire to survive is also quite strong!

As mentioned in the previous interview, the proposal will be carefully planned and the marriage will definitely be made public. This time, the travel promises to bask in happiness generously. The netizens are also full of blessings. They swallow a wave of sweet dog food and look forward to their marriage as soon as possible.

An Yixuan, who just released her pregnancy photo last month, not only turned everyone into a beauty, but was praised by netizens as "the most beautiful pregnant mommy". It is also full of envy to talk about the love experience of an Yixuan and his wife.

On March 15, 2017, an Yixuan announced the good news of marriage on his microblog, which immediately caused a lot of noise in the entertainment circle.

Although at ordinary times he is righteous, forthright and popular, an Yixuan is very low-key emotionally. An Yixuan is slow and cautious in love.

On the microblog, an Yixuan revealed her husband's nickname 'xiaodingdang', and shouted in the air: 'OK ~ I'll accompany you ~ Mr. xiaodingdang, who eats and plays until he gets old and will never get old, please take good care of your Mrs. Chen in the future.' It's too sweet to agree to 'eat until you get old and play until you get old'!

On June 5, 2017, the couple held a grand wedding in Hawaii. The wedding scene was dreamy and sweet. June 5 was also Mr. an Yixuan's birthday. This girl with a sense of ceremony specially chose the wedding on this day, which is of great significance.

At the wedding, an Yixuan wore a high-level customized, elegant and exquisite white satin wedding dress with diamond bow around the waist. Whether it's a wedding dress or a Chinese dress, festival children an Yixuan participated in the design idea. The white dress is as light and soft as clouds and flower buds, as if she were in clouds

Looking back on an Yixuan's married life in the past two years, she was indeed spoiled by her husband as a princess.

The red Chinese dress of goldfish totem worn at the wedding is low-key and full of beautiful meaning, full of gold and jade.

March 15, 2018 coincided with the first anniversary of xiaodingdang and his wife. An Yixuan took a group photo of her holding the man and sent a message: 'Mrs. Chen, are you used to it?' Netizens left messages to congratulate, and some said they expected three hands to hold together today next year.

On March 15 this year, the couple announced the good news of pregnancy on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary and upgraded to parents.

I remember an Yixuan once said in the program that we should 'work hard and play hard'. Neither give up enjoying life because of work, nor reduce the requirements for work in a comfortable life. The married 'xiaodingdang couple' is a fairy couple that everyone envies.

The romantic Turkish streets have left their common memories here to commemorate the & lsquo; Tinkle couple & rsquo; The first 365 days.

Mrs. Chen, who loves life so much and is full of happiness, likes to bring joy to people around him. Mr. Chen must hold her in the palm of his hand, because before an Yixuan wants to dance with sharks, xiaodingdang will go down and try first to make sure she won't bite. This wave of dog food is really unexpected.

During an Yixuan's pregnancy, Mr. Chen contracted an Yixuan's toenails and pregnancy oil. Blowing hair is more routine. He gives a wave of dog food to the people who eat melons from time to time.

From the published pregnancy photos, we can see that Xiaoding is really taking care of his little princess. Even if she is pregnant for more than eight months, there is no stretch marks. Her skin is delicate and her body is sexy. It's too beautiful.

As we all know, an Yixuan likes to watch concerts. When she was pregnant, she attended her friend Rainie Yang's concert accompanied by her husband, which was photographed by careful netizens.

On the day of the concert, an Yixuan also sent the blessing of the couple to his good Friend Rainie Yang. Good luck will really infect Austria, and happy people will always get together.

From work to life, an Yixuan has always brought positive energy to everyone with a very positive side. The love of xiaodingdang and his wife 'eat until they grow old and play until they grow old' shows us the happiness of marrying love.

Zhang Ruoyun and Tang Yixin also show us the happiness of marrying love with fairy tale love.

They have been in love for eight years, and they finally got married recently. Such a sweet and happy love is really moving.

In the past eight years, from the exposure of their relationship to their imminent marriage, they have also experienced a lot, and time makes them understand the importance of each other.

Their acquaintance began with a small accident. It is said that Tang Yixin accidentally touched Zhang Ruoyun's car while driving. They fell in love at first sight. This is too idol drama!

And there is no one in this natural couple. They are destined to love each other.

Ireland's Castle wedding is also full of fairy tales, making people turn into lemon essence every minute.

At the wedding, Ma Sichun acted as the master of ceremonies, Liu Haoran, Guo Qilin and Jing Boran as the best man, and song Qian, Shen Mengchen and Li Qin as the bridesmaids. The scene was very lively.

On July 11, not only did Li Ronghao propose successfully, but actor Zhang Xiaochen also married his girlfriend outside the circle on that day.

Ma Tianyu and Wang Chuanjun, who came out of "good man" with Zhang Xiaochen, also appeared together and became the best man to send blessings.

Earlier, Zhang Xiaochen disclosed his wedding photos with his wife on his microblog, but the outside world doesn't know much about Zhang Xiaochen's wife.

It is reported that the bride's name is Wang Shiya. She has been in love with Zhang Xiaochen for four years.

In the hand ceremony announced, there is such a card that reads: 'we have gone through four years of wind and frost together, accompanied by quarrels, clutch and personalization of values. But it is out of the pursuit of spiritual connection that we can finally get together and get married. " Let's grow stronger and stronger together, and see that sex is becoming simpler and simpler '.

Earlier, Ma Tianyu also uploaded a picture of Zhang Xiaochen kneeling down to propose marriage. At that time, Wang Shiya in a red dress sat at the head of the bed, while Zhang Xiaochen knelt at the head of the bed and read the oath. Ma Tianyu, who witnessed their happiness, was also fully moved.

This summer is really sweet. There are pink bubbles in the air. The happy smile on their faces and the happiness about to overflow the screen are really enviable! It's even more impressive to count their love process. It turns out that this is the beautiful appearance of marrying love. Let's bless them forever sweet. Here, Xiaobian also hopes that you in front of the camera can also harvest the best happiness!