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Xiaobai becomes a chef! Martial arts "my boy 2" show excellent cooking skills by making three cups o

At 10:00 tonight, Hunan Satellite TV's family observation and growth inspirational program "my boy" will meet you in the eleventh issue of the second season. Since its launch, the program's ratings have risen steadily, ranking first in the dual domain simultaneous section of the Star comprehensive group, of which the national network's ratings are 0.49 and the market share is 4.18%; The rating of 55 cities was 0.53, with a share of 3.91%. The once 'takeout boy' martial arts will show his cooking skills in this program, which makes people look forward to the broadcast of the program.

In the previous program, martial arts impressed the audience with the picture of eating takeout in bed. In the broadcast program, martial arts not only walked out of the 'comfort circle' and broke away from the curse of takeout, but also cooked by themselves. The highly difficult technical dishes, three cups of chicken and six dishes, must surprise the audience. Who is martial arts cooking for? It turned out to be a bet with Chen Xiang to call a friend who had not been contacted for a month and a half. Unexpectedly, he was not only successful in the challenge, but also a female friend. In order to enliven the atmosphere, martial arts learned magic from Chen Xiang in advance, but the result was unsatisfactory. Due to the small hand, it was unable to cover the small ball in the cup, which was full of flaws, and finally had to give up. After the female friend arrived at home, she turned into a social expert with a shy appearance and poor communication skills. However, after her good friend Chen Xiang and Wang Ke left, the girl helped clean up and left. The two did not have in-depth communication. The mother sitting in the observation room hated iron and steel.

Can martial arts challenge success and invite friends who haven't been in touch for a month and a half? Is it successful to cook by yourself? The highlight will be Hunan Satellite TV's "my boy 2" at 10:00 tonight. Martial arts will be with you.