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The brokerage Committee of the China performance association helped the performance of Shenyang Faku

From July 6 to 7, 2019 Beijing time, Shenyang Faku Caihu airport held the first music festival with the theme of "flight". The music festival invited domestic well-known bands, singers and DJs to perform.

As the supporting unit and consultant unit of this music festival, the actor broker Committee of China Performance Industry Association participated in the preparation and planning of the event and attended the music festival with well-known singers such as Yang Kun, Xuan Xuan and Zhu Ke.

Bai Ke, chairman of the actor broker Committee of China Performance Industry Association, as a representative of China performance association, visited the music festival in person, watched the performance in the whole process, and communicated with the organizers for many times about the activity links and music spirit.

The performance of musicians and harmony was also wonderful.

At the scene of the music festival, the singer interacted with the audience frequently. During the performance, the sudden heavy rain did not extinguish the audience's hot heart for the music festival. From time to time, he waved his umbrella with the beat, and some of the audience put away their umbrellas and interacted in the rain.

The festival set up three characteristic experience areas: flying stage area, flying food area and flying leisure area. In addition to the dance beauty, which looks like an aircraft and has a great sense of fashion, the flight stage area also has aircraft displays on both sides of the stage. The finale of the music festival, the music fireworks show, brought the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

This music festival highlights that Faku County actively promotes the integrated development of culture and tourism. With the joint cooperation of various parties, it not only brings a deflagration summer to the people of Faku County, but also brings an ultimate feast of vision and hearing to the people who come from all over the country!