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"Iron blood lady" Shi Yuqing's war of mercenaries and roles are combined into one (picture and text)

Last year, a war wolf 2 swept the country. At that time, many military theme works emerged one after another, and the quality was also mixed. Among them, the war of mercenaries, formerly known as the armed contract, came to the fore. The ups and downs of the plot and the excellent acting skills of the actors left a deep impression on the audience. In particular, the heroine Shi Yuqing became the leader of military film actors, and her resolute and courageous image was deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience, Fans gave her the title of 'iron blood lady' more kindly.

It's gold that always shines, and good actors will always be found. Shi Yuqing was born on February 22, 1995. In July 2016, she starred in the war of mercenaries. In the film, she played mercenary Tian AI, with a cold and moving appearance and a murderous look in her eyes. As a mercenary, she must keep up with her physical quality. Shi Yuqing began devil training a few months before the film. She still looks thin and thin, but her muscle lines are perfect. Shooting all kinds of fighting scenes is also tough and powerful, just like a sonorous rose.

Tian AI also has a love play in the film. He and the male host Ann love each other, but they can't cross the barrier of 'brother' because of each other's concerns. In a battle, Tianai was captured and zi'an came to rescue him. Tianai looked at his eyes with a trace of worship and admiration. Then Tianai hoped that zi'an could give him a ring. After hearing the positive answer, Tianai slightly turned his head, with a trace of joy in his eyes, but it was soon covered up. Such a shy look looks like the girl we secretly love around us. I have to say that Shi Yuqing's control of subtle expressions is really in place.

In October 2017, Shi Yuqing incarnated as doctor Ling Yue in mercenary War 2. She was fearless in the war and adhered to the patients. At this time, she only saw her sacred duty as a doctor. After terrorists shot and killed her patients, Shi Yuqing was frightened, angry and couldn't believe it. Seeing here, the audience really wanted to hug her little sister. Shi Yuqing's innate talent and almost harsh requirements for herself can be combined with the role and reveal a natural tension. Shi Yuqing is more willing to speak with his works than flow and popularity.