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Unine Hangzhou FM Yao Mingming warm hearted response to fans' help (picture and text)

On the evening of July 6, the sixth fan meeting of the popular idol men's group unite "run to u" was successfully held in Hangzhou. Yao Mingming, as the popular main dancer in the team, ignited this gentle small town in the south of the Yangtze River with warm and energetic dance.

This is the penultimate scene of the whole tour. Both the fans and Mingming cherish the opportunity to meet each other and put in unprecedented enthusiasm.

In the live broadcast before the meeting, Yao Mingming showed his iconic "cat eye makeup" painting method to the fans, which surprised the fans. As the representative of warm beloved beans, Mingming always expresses his love and gratitude to fans through small things.

On the same day, Mingming frequently waved to his aid light sign on the stage, or responded with a sweet sign 'cat smile', which moved the fans!

At the meeting, Yao Mingming appeared in a vintage red envelope lattice printing suit, which was very eye-catching. In the interactive session, Mingming slightly showed the choreography of love shot by tiantuan exo, and boldly predicted that his microblog 3 million welfare would bring the display of the whole dance, which made fans look forward to it!

Since the meeting a few days ago, Yao Mingming's fans have wrapped up several large pieces of aid signboards at Hangzhou subway station and set up photo DP points in the coffee shop near the venue to provide aid for Mingming's tour and the 100 day anniversary of his official debut. The warm friendship between Mingming and fans is enviable!