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Zhang Ge's summer soft cute Department Photo beauty crazy business

Recently, 12-year-old actor Zhang Ge exposed a group of summer soft cute photo blockbusters. In the photo, Ge Ge wears a ginger suspender skirt, ties two low ball heads, smiles with curved eyebrows and half exposed tiger teeth, which is very pleasant. When he doesn't laugh, his clear and bright big eyes that can speak are full of vitality. Ge Ge either sits on the picnic cloth, reads and eats fruit, or runs on the grass with toys, blows bubbles, moves, calms, smiles, has the unique sweetness and loveliness of this age, and the breath of young girls comes to his face. In the summer sun, gege is like a soft cute and playful fairy. It's strange that few netizens have to see gege's photos and shout 'I want to have such a lovely sister' and 'the country owes me a sister'.

Zhang Ge, born in 2007, has starred in many high-quality film and television dramas, such as TV series "August Weiyang", "your name, my last name", "shining girl", etc. His lively and cheerful personality, serious and hard-working performance attitude and full acting skills all make Ge Ge win the affirmation and love of his predecessors. It is reported that Zhang Ge played the role of Gu Ling's strange and articulate little AI in the TV series "dear beloved". In the play, he often has a fancy "mutual connection" with his father, which makes people cry and laugh. Look forward to her wonderful performance in the play.