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"Pepper three swordsman" is coming! Martial arts "my boy 2" staged double knife chopping garlic (pic

The tenth issue of the second season of Hunan Satellite TV's family observation and growth inspirational program "my boy" will be broadcast at 22:00 tonight. Since the program was launched, the ratings have been rising and praised by netizens. The wonderful performance of the last program 'treasure boy' Martial Arts in the program once again triggered a viewing climax. The national network metropolitan area ratings were 0.72, with a share of 5.9%, and then won the first place in the ratings to achieve the ninth consecutive title. This program 'chili three swordsmen' is hot on the line. Martial arts will soon show double knife chopping garlic, which makes people look forward to the broadcast of the program.

Martial arts Chen Xiang staged the garlic chopping version of "Infernal Affairs" to practice the angry second breaking skill

In the last season's program, Chen Xiang happily went to the martial arts home to chop 100 kg of famous chili noodles, which made martial arts remember deeply. In this issue, Wu Yi and Chen Xiang are ready to peel garlic. Wu Yi is very curious to see Chen Xiang chop garlic with both hands, so he also starts to chop garlic with both hands. In the process of chopping garlic, the two exchanged their acting skills and staged the garlic cutting version of Infernal Affairs. The martial arts also raised the knife as a gun. The picture was out of control and ended with laughter. Wu Yi wanted to show his anger. Chen Xiang immediately showed his anger and shouted at Wu Yi: 'what are you doing?' Martial arts was frightened, and then launched a new round of acting learning. They shouted the same sentence according to Chen Xiang's performance mode, but broke the power and became "angry".

Wu Yi's height was measured on the spot. He was relieved to laugh at himself in the face of netizens' rumors

Once in a program, Wu Yi described the stem of "Wu Yi jumps up and hits your knee", which is sad and funny. But martial arts is not angry. They just think it's a joke and even say: 'many people seriously say that I've really seen martial arts, and it's definitely no more than 1.6 meters...' self mockery shows relief. Turned around, Xinran was taller than martial arts, and Xinran was a little taller. The mothers of the guest room observation group said they were shocked.

What did martial arts do in the process of chopping garlic? Was Chen Xiang yelling? Who is the height of Wu Yi Xinran? It's wonderful in this issue of my boy 2. We'll see you tonight at 22:00 on Hunan Satellite TV.