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Tong Dawei gave Guo Degang a "hard core cake" for his birthday with great care (picture and text)

Last Friday night (June 28), the interactive life experience reality show "Uncle Xiaoguan" was broadcast in watermelon video and Jiangsu Satellite TV. In the program, chef Tong Dawei cooks for the "heating plan" to make "Tong canteen" special fried chicken wings, and use delicious food to open the vitality of the small hall for a day; In addition to delicious food, during the shooting of this program, it coincided with Guo Degang's birthday. In order to give old Guo Qingsheng, Tong Dawei secretly organized members of the small hall to plan a birthday party. He quietly prepared a birthday cake with "mystery inside", carefully wrote a doggerel and sent birthday wishes, which was funny and warm.

During the program recording, just in time for Guo Degang's 46th birthday, in order to create an unforgettable birthday memory for Lao Guo, shopkeeper Tong organized everyone to give advice for the birthday party in advance, and gave a carefully prepared birthday gift - Magic cake. The golden candle of blingbling and the birthday cake with hidden congratulations surprised Lao Guo again and again. The blessing 'De Gang, De Gang, dare to do it; Grow old without panic; We gather today to open the museum; At the age of 46, flying nine cangs' amused the whole audience. Meng Fei joked: 'it takes Dawei three days and three nights to think of it. "

Netizen 'Tangyuan 528' said: 'I admire it. I can only wish Mr. Guo a happy 46th birthday at most.' Netizen 'lmeni' said: 'lovely love, on fancy rainbow fart, I only serve Tong Dawei, ha ha ha.' Netizen 'Su este' said: 'the walking treasure is a warm man, and the hard core cake is distracted.' After the broadcast of the program that night, Tong Dawei posted a microblog and responded jokingly: "I wanted to put the whole crosstalk in the cake, but then there was not enough paper."